Photography Accolades - mutual sharing

This may be “cheating” - but is anyone out there helping each other out with these specific photography accolades? I’m not big on the photo aspect of the game, but there are a few accolades I’d like to finish.

For example: 15 Minutes of Fame - Have a published photograph that has been downloaded 5 times.

I was wondering if anyone out there helps each other out by just going to download others photos to complete the accolade. If not, then second question - is the only way to “download” it via Xbox? Can anyone download a photo to help via web/internet

Just take a look here:

Teesang, I have 4 profiles, 1 main and 3 additional. You can take any 13 photos, you can take absolutely identical photos, and I will make you 50 downloads and likes. 13x4=52

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Someone literally just posted on reddit… Share 50 random photos and make 2 profiles, complete 4 initial races and search for your creative hub and from there download and like 50 photos from both the profiles and you’re done.

Using the same method would be harder as it would require making 334 liveries and downloading and liking each livery/vinyl shape from 3 accounts. Still you cannot get uses. Why does PG insist on putting these unfair accolades is beyond me. Same happened with FH4 for becoming Painter superstar. All things wrong with FH4 seeped into FH5. Sucks tbh. To make matters worse, Vinyl uses doesn’t count. My usage counter is stuck at 0 in accolade even after having 300-400 Vinyls downloaded.

If you check Top 10 or Top 20 people on Hall of Shame, check out their creative hub. Most of them have shared useless squares circles as vinyl shapes and bunch of only black/white liveries. Why?? You get the idea. I don’t even think that’s cheating.


it’s ridiculous that they’ve locked away accolades behind being a YouTuber or influencer of some description. Completing accolades is one of the few reasons I’m still playing this game and knowing I’ll never be able to get these accolades has really dampened my spirit. Although I may just squeeze the lower level photography ones due to my gallery I doubt I’ll ever achieve the tune and heaven forbid the livery ones.


Teesang, I did it for you, but you only have 6 photos, and I only have 4 profiles. I gave you 24 downloads and likes, but you need another 25-26. So create 7 more photos and we will complete it.


Thanks again LSD51ZEN. I created 7 more photos.

For everyone else, I’m happy to help as well, if you need some likes/downloads, I’m happy to do that, just drop your gamertag below. :slight_smile:

Thank you Teesang - I could really use your help too - munta2go

I downloaded and liked all your photos and vinyls plus I followed you so I will see your content easier.

@LSD51ZEN - THANK YOU SO MUCH. I didn’t see how many photo challenges there are and didn’t even realize I could use other profiles on the xbox. I really appreciated you helping me out, I logged in and saw it and I was SHOCKED, thought it was a glitch. LOL.

I will literally create 7 more photos right now. I’ll try to be somewhat creative. HAH. I appreciate that.

It’s not cheating, no…going against the way they intended it for it to be done? Maybe…then again, 90% of players probably would have no hope of completing them anyway and PGG know that. If the community is willing to help others out, then fair play…it’s not like it’s FH4 where you could simply share photots then unshare before sharing again to boost the Star Card.

Besides, how is asking people on the forum any different than a YouTuber asking their viewers/followers to download things? Playground are pushing the social aspect of the game…well, you are being social by engaging with other players on the forum…you could argue asking for this help is precisely what PGG wants!!


Gamertag: PandemicBow2072

If anyone wants to like download and like my photos I’ll do the same for them. I’m trying to get into the top 500 of the accolades and the photos is one area I’m having no luck with.

I know I can make a few new profiles and use those but I want to do it without it resorting to that.

all done.

Nursemorph, I can choose the time to do this tedious nonsense using my 3 other profiles, but I absolutely don’t like it when it’s broken, at least for use.
I’ve completed 1000 downloads and likes for designs, vinyls and tunes, but it’s broken for use.
I’ve used this a few dozen times, but I’ve only managed to get 13 uses for designs, 5 for tunes, and 0 for vinyls.

P.S. It seems to me that such accolades should not be in the game at all, all tasks should be achievable for each user, and not just for talented painters or tunes creators.

Я включу мой Xbox через пару часов и помогу вам.

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I think the vinyl uses thing is broken - The design and tune one - I think you have to complete a race with it for it to count. Simply applying them to the car and driving around isn’t enough - is my understanding.

Yes, that’s right, you should use this in the race. I have done this many times, but for vinyl there is no progress at all, and for tune, you have to complete 3 races and only after that you will get 1 use, for design you need to complete 2 races. But it still doesn’t work in most cases, and lately it’s absolutely broken for me.
p.s. You can also do it in drag racing.


Also, thanks for pointing out the other thread. Forgot there are just as touch challenges for tuning, livery, etc etc. Hope that other thread works out. I created a bunch of these custom things in hopes I can just finish those accolades.

Blueprint: 662 266 140

Photo: 107 884 162

Challenge Card: 102 311 656

Thanks in advance to anyone that helps out.

If anyone shares codes here, I’m happy to check them out and like/download.

Yeah, I just realized as well, you can’t just like tunes and livery, you have to use it. So that becomes much more difficult. Oh well. It is what it is.

Thanks for the downloads and likes of my photos. That gave me about 4 accolades. Cheers.

I’ve downloaded and liked all of Teesang’s photos. Happy to help out anyone else.

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Thanks PandemicBow - just did the same for you.

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Interesting, I have noticed lately I get a steady dribble of downloads - maybe 1 or 2 a day but not had many likes or uses recently.

Thought it was just me. I’m not the biggest fan of the current system but it would be a real shame if it’s as badly broken as you suggest.