Photo Mode exterior settings

So i saw the post on twitter about the suggestion hub and came up with this:

Maybe build a better photo mode because the one Forza has now is very basic and is quite outdated whereas GT7 you can pick locations, time of day, what cars you want in the shot, etc.

Such topic exist already. Anyway my opinion is the same as in the link above

Photomode needs an overhaul. It hasnt been touched for many years. It is really really outdated.
Taking photos should be snappy and fast. Snap, snap one after another! If a game like nfs can get this right then i see no reason why horizon cant.

Photo Mode was upgraded in the May 23, 2023 FH5 content update, with features including time of day and weather. See the new settings here:

For photo features not included in the update, please find other topics for upvoting or create new ones - keeping topics to one idea each for voting and tracking purposes.

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