Accolades - “Lights, Camera…” accolade broken/not unlocking with Jazz Hands emote - 3896600

Hi all,

My new “lights, camera….” Accolade won’t unlock no matter what I do in photo settings.

This is the accolade that involves using the jazz hands emote in photo mode. Doesn’t matter what location, car, or time/day settings I use.

Anyone else able to unlock this via. workaround?

Edit: got a solution; choose one of the emotes next to the “jazz hands” one. The wrong emote was selected for the accolade. It unlocked when choosing the one before/after the “jazz hands” setting. Not sure which one as I tried both. Someone else can confirm.

I confirm this problem is existing.
The workaround is to use the “Jump on it” emote instead of “Jazz Hands”.


Thanks for the workaround, I’m having the issue too.


I can confirm using the “jump on it” emote works for the accolade. Another example of quality testing :rage:


Using jump on it worked for me as well…why with every update they release theres always something wrong…

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Also we have just discovered that you need to have unlocked that emote to be able to complete the accolade, or is is not available for selection.
The Emote is the prize for completing the treasure hunt in the Spring Season

Update:- It seems to work if you choose the emote one to the right of Jazz hands in the menu. My friend completed the accolade using the Macarena emote :grinning:


This issue is a textbook example example of what destroys the game since release which otherwise would be amongst the best games of all times:

  1. Poor/subpar programming and/or master data configuration
  2. Lack of/poor game testing
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I asked this on Twitter (on latest official tweet on Forza page) but as yet no reply. Should’ve come here first!

I just unlocked Jazz Hands using Jump On It.

Unbelievable. I wonder what else is broken with this newest update? I have avoided this forum since the last update because so much about this place and the game frankly infuriates me. I’ll crawl back into my cave until I need a solution for the next glitch.

I dare not suggest anything controversial about the developers. Someone who shall remain nameless was banned for 100 years for doing that.


« Lights, Camera… » doesn’t work for me


Same here.


Use, Jump on it, emote instead


Jazz Hands. Duh.

So, apparently, the “jump on it” emote is not one I have access to. Thereby Playground Games has effectively locked me out of ever getting this accolade. EDIT: I got it to work but not sure how. I used specifically the portrait filter and tried a bunch of other emotes.

I did wonder if that would be a block for some or many players. With luck they’ll make all the required hoops available in play in the season. It would be reasonable, if they thought about it. They did think about it right ? I mean, the fact they seem to have gotten the wrong emote listed for it doesn’t look good but surely they can fix it right ?

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So… do you actually need to have the emote in your Character collection ? I see the choice of which to use is in the Photo Mode selections so I would presume that means it’s available there. Or is it greyed out for you ?

It simply wasn’t available to select as an option. I assume you can only use the same emotes as are available in the character customization screen, though I can’t confirm this at the moment. I will take a look and report back

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I just confirmed any emote greyed out in character selection is not available in photo mode. At least for now. Hopefully PG will make a few more emotes available in the Forzathon shop. :man_shrugging:

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I have completed all the other photo accolades but cannot get this to work. I have hard reset the game and hard reset my Series X but to no avail. I’ve even selected Jazz Hands as my Victory and Showboat poses and then selected Jazz Hands in the photo menu but nothing :disappointed_relieved:.

This bug has been logged and the topic moved to Known Issues. Until a fix is deployed, the current workaround is to use the emote in the menu that appears just after Jazz Hands - Jump on It for some players or Macarena for others.