Character in Photo Mode

Vote here if you’d like to be able to take a picture of your character standing next to your car.

Please also post a reply with specific details.

would add a bit of use to the increasing amount of clothing in game if you could show it off in photos


No, I don’t care for this feature

I want to have an shirtless and swim trunk clothing option and a bikini option for women

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The cars have a fairly high degree of realism. The characters do not.

That’s a no from me. Also, Is it just me or is there no option for a “no” vote?

I’d want this feature if your character could do some simplistic poses as opposed to the emotes (you either love the emotes or hate 'em). Like just standing next to the car or standing while putting one hand on the hood.

I also agree with WindsweptDragon that it would better emphasize clothing since you rarely get to see it in most of the game

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I definitely dig the proposal of different poses your character can make around the car, they dont have to be over the top, something as simple as the types of gestures the older Forza Horizons would have on their intros (just like how in fh1 and 2 there are people approaching to the car, taking pictures, leaning on the car, etc.)

Here are a few examples of what im talking about:

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Character positions and Emotes are now part of the enhanced Photo Mode features added with the May 23rd, 2023 content update:

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