Petition To Never Have The Phrase "Built From The Ground Up" In Any Forza Trailer Again

Title says it all, its pointless to say that any sequel of any game is “Built from the ground up.”
Why? Because it will ALWAYS be a lie in 2023.

It’s untrue.
It’s manipulative.
It’s repetitive.
It’s in the best interest of all parties to not throw away everything (including what works) to rebuild systems and subsystems.

The time would be better suited elsewhere if it was true, but its not and never will be.

Why redo the math?
Why throw the good systems away?
Why waste developers resources?

Who even cares?!

Just call it “New” because at least then its not a blatant, obvious lie.
(Or hire a new marketing team.)


I say they should use the phrase “built from the sky down” instead.


“from the ground up”

  • becomes for me a warning for new bugs never heard of before.
  • so not all that positive a vibe

The last days reveals has shown new FM is a mirage, and you think you are getting closer moving forward but it’s the other way around.




It’s just a marketing line. Franchises are rarely rebuilt from the ground up, if ever. Just traditional sequels, built on prior games. It’s already clear as day that the next Motorsport will fundamentally be the same experience as all of them before. A simcade type racer aimed at the casual audience. They just try to market it as something new but it’s not. Some game modes may be new and the physics refined but every franchise does that. It’s the usual Forza with the usual problems (drift-happy cars, unnatural lighing, cartoonish visuals, last-gen car models) and probably the same lack of attention to detail (Forza wings, unrealistic engine swaps and performance, etc.).

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This is exactly what I fear, and looking on youtube, it seems everyone else feels this way too.
Especially the Forza Aero, they actually did it better in 2005. (Why no rear bumper aero?!)

The only ones who think it sounds truely impressive are journalists, media spokespeople and the like.

That Forza-branded aero is a joke. I simply don’t understand why it’s needed, it’s not realistic. All it does is increases the car’s grip to a level at which it should be by default anyway, but limits the top speed ridiculously. It’s a cheap gameplay design solution to make cars more driveable, which tells me two things: 1. The physics are probably still geared for sliding rubber and stupidly oversteering cars, 2. This is the same game as all prior Forzas and therefore uses the very same elements. “From the ground up” is again simply not true in either case. The whole aero thing is extremely cheap, unrealistic, and looks ugly.


At least they aren’t saying “making car lovers passionate about games, and gamers passionate about cars”… That got tiring.

I guess it’s the new catch phrase. Forza… Build from the ground up.

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Forza carefully reusing every single worst possible car model in a modern car game from the ground up

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When I play (Or used to play) Motorsport 7, The biggest things that came to mind in terms of weaknesses were its graphical fidelity and physics engine. So glad thats the only aspect they’re rebooting. Everything else about the game was perfect. I also thought there were way too many tracks. Almost cutting them in half was definitely the right move.



I think on the original Xbox and 360 games, the developers were car people. They had people that understood our love of cars and racing.

I don’t believe that this has been the case since the move to Xbox One and Series consoles.


I dont think so as much. I’m not sure what happened to the music in 7. But 5 and 6 still had that distinct Motorsport polished fantasy feel. I think it started falling off in 6. When mods and wheelspins were pushed. Might have even been Motorsport being influenced by PGGs goals. But it is clear that the spirit of Motorsport is no more. I think nothing makes that clearer than the menu tracks. Its night and day.

As for this upcoming “”“built from the ground up”“” reboot.
I think this is going to be Motorsport 5: II
It WILL be a graphical and physics improvement, But not nearly the jump from FM4 to FM5. Diminishing returns is really setting in.
But it will be an excuse to massively cut content. 500 cars, I dont have faith that the 400 returning cars are going to be good picks, And the 100 “New to motorsport cars” well… We know exactly what that means, It means the new motorsport is going to likely have 20 actual new Forza cars at most. Im betting closer to 15. And the rest are going to be pulled from ALL of the Horizon titles.
The tracks are nearly cut in half.
The same old engine, Graphics and physics engine refresh, not nearly as significant as they want you to believe, And severely cut down content. I would not at all be surprised to see a reduction in creative file features like in tunes and liveries. Stuff like the Auction house (as weak as it is currently implemented compared to what it used to be) being left out to be readded later.
Get ready. This is going to be a swirl of controversy at launch. We’re well past the point where it feels like these studios are doing it on purpose. Intentionally holding back features and content just to bury expectations for the next entry. And yet people still dont learn.

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Let’s start a petition to never have a useless petition again.


Hear! Hear!