Game future

I hear about people asking whats in the next update, but what about telling us what tracks are planned for this game or anything else about what the road ahead will be this year and the next

if we have some advance information of what lies ahead this may sway people to invest in this game.


I think you’ll be waiting for a while do get any updates to FM2

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What comes after Forza Motorsport…

Forza Motorsport 2 :laughing:


It probably won’t be called FM2. My idea would be that Motorsport sequel titles will say by year like Microsoft Flight Simulator did with 2024. No purpose to put a number in the series anymore.

This jaaaanuary, get ready to Michael down your Vincent’s.

If I were to go off this forum, I would say no one wants a sequel to “built from the ground up” UNLESS it’s a completely new game, assets and all, that clearly shows love and passion put in to the game.

If anything I’d welcome FM23 on the PS5 before a new game comes out.

How foolish would someone need to be to fall for that pitch again?

That’s asking too much. How do the developers know?!

Most of the updates this garbage recieved gave the impression, they were somehow put together in 3 days just to have something to release to call it a ‘service game’ or ‘platform’.

There is more energy put into the videos introducing their latest ‘update’ than in the actual update.

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Would you spend your money with T10 in the future? - Forza Motorsport / Forza Motorsport (2023) Discussion - Official Forza Community Forums

This poll says it all.
They can BFGUP as many new Forza games as they like - most people have fallen for it the last time.

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I wouldn’t limit it to T10 but expand it to Microsoft Games at all. Look at their last big releases. All of them are just bad and technically outdated.

  • Redfall… No need to explain
  • Starfield is a ‘Loadingscreen Simulator’ with outdated Graphics

Personally I don’t get many of the big Studios releases at all because most of the Games are blown up with Microtransactions and the base product is trash most of the times.

I’m a big Fable fan but since I know that both T10 and PGG are involved I don’t trust the next release. Same goes with the Indiana Jones Game with Starfield being a disappointment (for me).


Yup I totally agree with you.

I would blow off game-pass and the console but Microsoft make excellent hardware and it’s a great media centre.

I’ll be making the switch at the next generation - Sony and GT all the way. Unfortunately wheel and other peripherals tend to be locked to a system and my situation is no different.

I can’t be alone in feeling somewhat mad that GP Ultimate is going up in price - partly to satisfy the need to recoup investment into COD - another franchise of games that is long past its prime.

There’s No Way I’m going anywhere near Fable, will wait and read all the reviews from players then wait a few more months and it will be half price like everything else these days.

Starfield, a space game where you think you would be able to fly from space to a planet like No Mans Sky but nope, Starfield a game that you launch and once down underground you say ok it’s a little dark let me just pause and adjust the brightness and contrast sliders but where are they… goes off looking online comes back with there aren’t any! Goes off and grabs Reshade and gets back to gaming wondering what other surprises are in store. Starfield the game that once you finish the main quests you can start again, plays NG+ for 10 minutes and says am I really doing this and uninstalls.

Might go back but it’s just not that memorable, It ended up just being a space horder

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I honestly love starfield. Ive been so hooked to it and its so much more stable then past Bethesda game imo. The gunplay is way better too then FO4 and the base building is better too.

As far as the loading screen simulator critic, it has them all in the same situations as every other Bethesda game. That being said i only started playing it after many QOL features like fast travel and stuff so i can understand that complaint from early on.

So many raw improvements From past games that i am highly optimistic about ES6.

My biggest complaint is i wish the space combat was more twitch based like star citizen.

I’ve reinstalled when Mod support and the 60 FPS update dropped, started a new game and now halfway through I lost interest in the quests and messed around with outposts to level quickly. And in my opinion, thats the only reason to actually build an outpost. There is absolutely no other reason to build an outpost since there is nothing to gain from except resources you could buy or farm manually.

And when you visited one planet you’ve seen it all. Re-used assets all over the place. The buildings are all the same…hell even the loot is exactly in the same places than on other planets.

When you do quests in larger cities, Neon for example, you’ve got a loadingscreen everytime you enter different parts of the city or most of the buildings. If you need to go to other planets without fasttravel, you have at least 5 loadinscreens when starting outside your ship. Enter the ship → loadscreen → Takeoff → loadscreen → jumping the system → loadscreen → landing → loadscreen → exit ship → loadscreen. It’s exhausting, kills the immersion and is just outdated. And what is the purpose of the ship if you fasttravel all the time?

I’ve tried and gave it more than one chance but it’s just so annoying especially when you know with No mans Sky what actually is possible. Starfield is from a studio with massive funding but a small studio like hello games showed them years in advance what could be done. Therefore Starfield is a massive fail for me.

So you can justify the marketing argument of a thousand planets. I knew it was a mistake the second they announced it. There’s no way to populate a game world that large, much less making traveling it not tedious.

Beyond that, Starfield is a Bethesda game. Nothing more, nothing less. It has the qualities and pitfalls of a Bethesda game.