Performance - Lag from GPU version 583.019, usage too high


FH5最新版本583.019,GPU频率 电压占用过高,我确定这不是硬件问题!高性能系列赛20更新后,GPU频率过高,效能明显过高导致卡顿!我确定这是真的,我确定这不是硬件问题!

The latest version of FH5 is 583.019, the GPU frequency is too high, I’m sure it’s not a hardware problem! After the update of High Performance Series 20, the GPU frequency is too high, and the performance is obviously too high, which leads to lag! I’m sure this is true and I’m sure it’s not a hardware problem!

Without more info such as what GFX card, etc, ignore FH5 “default” settings and start at 4k resolution and rendering preset “High”, VSync ON, in the in game settings. If using GeForce Experience, ensure automatic optimisation is OFF as that can reset things to something too high for your card (as others have found out) since the latest updates increased gfx demands across the entire game. If using AMD Adrenaline, turn OFF all “improvements” in Adrenaline except for Freesync, let the game sort everything with nothing changed by Adrenaline.

It’s not a hardware issue, it is a combination of factors from GFX card software to T10/PGG to Windows all grumbling with each other. Now I’ve just done an upgrade of my card I’ve been finding all these little things and, counter-intuitively, sometimes turning things UP solves the problem.

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What rendering settings? If at “Ultra”, turn down to “High”. Make sure GeForce Experience is set to NOT optimise anything as that can reset to what it’s been told to go to, which is now too high a setting because the game demands have changed with the “improved graphics”.

I’m running a Radeon RX6650 XT, far less capable than your card, and run the game at a solid 60 fps at 3840x2160 4k UHD resolution on the “High” preset. You should be able to go higher and that’s why I’m thinking that either the driver has gone funny or GeForce Experience is interfering.

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Thank you, I set it according to what you said, but compared with the previous game version, the latest game version does have a slightly higher GPU usage and power consumption, resulting in too high temperature. The latest game version feels that the GPU is more consumed than the previous game version.

However, compared with the old version 567.563, the latest game version 583.019 has significantly higher GPU usage, which leads to a significant drop in fps when the 4K picture quality is full of special effects, and the GPU temperature is too high! I have tested it! But the official does not know if this problem will be fixed. In the past, I used to have a fps of 70 90 at 4K resolution with full special effects! ! ! Now the latest version 583.019 obviously lowers the fps, the more the update requires higher configuration, I hope the official can fix it! !

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The game version 583.019 is compared with the old game version. The new game version 583.019 abnormally occupies the GPU frequency power consumption. This is not a hardware problem. The graphics card driver is 496.13! The latest game version 583.019 has an abnormal GPU frequency consumption. I hope the official fixes the problem. The feedback problem is real and effective. The development team can test and compare the old game version. The new version of the game consumes more GPU frequency and power consumption than the old game version! The rtx3090 can no longer meet 4k60fps in the new version of the game, and the old game version can support 4k90fps in the past! The new version of the game abnormally consumes more frequency and power consumption. I am sure this is not a hardware problem! Hoping for an official fix…

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Eh, you sure you have the latest geforce driver?

GeForce Game Ready Driver - WHQL
Driver Version: 531.79 - Release Date: 2023 May 2

My graphics card driver is 496.13. Is there any difference in the latest version of the graphics card driver? This problem has nothing to do with the graphics card driver! This is not a hardware and driver problem!

@ZKJ1995614 have you seen any difference with the new game update released today (588.95.0)?

If not please provide GPUtrace information to the Forza Support team by submitting a ticket:

Moreover, the latest game program version 583.019, the abnormal GPU occupation frequency and high power consumption lead to performance drop and frame drop, but the old game program version will not have such problems, and the 17th season will not have abnormal GPU occupation like the latest game program version Frequency and power consumption, and the extreme option fps of 4k quality in season 17 is 90! This problem has nothing to do with the hardware driver. In the 20th season update, the abnormal frequency and power consumption of the GPU caused the fps to drop, and the extreme option of 4k image quality cannot be stabilized at 60fps!

Hardware Configuration
Drive 496.13

I’m sure it has nothing to do with the hardware!

Please update to the latest driver, to version 531.79. Until we know everything is running with the most up to date drivers, etc, then finding a solution to your problem is like looking for a specific penny in the ocean.

This problem has nothing to do with the driver, I have to say it a few times

This problem has nothing to do with the driver. This is obviously a negative optimization of the game. Please don’t tell me it’s a driver problem. You can test and compare it yourself. I’m saying that it has nothing to do with the driver. It’s the same when I update the latest version of the driver!

How do you know if you are using an old driver which may not have had the optimisation for the updated game files.

And to help, people like me who have nothing to do with the publishers and don’t have the same data to work from can only use a process that involves elimination of known factors.

It’s the same as ManteoMax said about the latest game update, I’ve noticed the difference since that 16Gb went in. Without a standard “base” to start with, there’s too many possible issues that may or may not have anything to do with the game. We need these eliminated to help.

Then the problem I reported is false and unrealistic. Is it impossible for this problem to be fixed? FH5 is now directly negatively optimized, secretly increasing the required configuration, so that players cannot play smoothly, right?

Can’t say I’ve seen any drop in framerates since launch and I’m running everything on max @4k with a 2080 so it must be something on your rig causing a conflict ZKJ1995614

Just for interest what brand is your RTX3090

No, it’s not likely to be impossible to fix. But right now there are too many variables. The latest driver, if it has instruction sets that say that the updated FH needs treated a certain way may well at least partially cure things. The latest update to the game might cure some bugs too.

But we’ll never know because you’re throwing more variables in by NOT updating drivers (which can change considerably between versions) not updating the game, I’ve already mentioned GeForce Experience, and we can go all the way down to BIOS updates and what antivirus, etc, you use. For us to help you, we need you to do yourpart too. And if you’re not willing to do that then, sorry, there’s not much that can be done.

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