PCars vs Forza 6

Hey not sure if anyone has posted this video but I must say I wasn’t to excited for Forza 6 as I love Project Cars and because of that I had no intentions of buying Forza. I for one never thought Turn 10 could get the handling right or even the sounds. Plus Project Cars was known for it’s incredible graphics which would be hard to top but after been so addicted to Forza since I got it and MGS V is packed away in its cover for now I’m starting to wonder if Project Cars will ever go into my Xbox again.
I’ve always bought Forza year after year but I never finish them as I get bored of them because they just don’t seem to offer that enjoyment I wanted. Gran Turismo although not as good as Forza in my opinion did do some things better which made me come back to GT series. Visually I prefered GT and the replays as I love watching my replays. I feel this time around Forza has captured the enjoyment I got out of GT with it new replay camera. Forza 6 has the best of everything now and is deserving to be the best Forza to date. Well Done Turn 10.

Project cars is amazing no doubt about it, its as real as it gets especially playing it for over 50hours and then watching racing on TV it bring back flash backs of moments about Project cars… Now thats impact!!!

However regardless i cant NOT buy Forza6 i cant wait!!!

Big expectations and ProJect cars have set high standards for sure!!!