Pre-ordered Ultimate Edition but

I was lucky enough to get an Xbox One for $300 bucks with Horizon 2 and GTA V included a couple months ago. I had already planned on getting Forza 6 and then, E3 happened and I pre-ordered my Ultimate Edition of Forza 6.

I’ve played Forza 5 (and every other game in the Forza series) before and loved it and I’m thinking of picking it up while I wait for September to get here but I’m wondering is it worth it or should I just stick it out with Horizon 2? What is everyone playing while you wait for Forza 6?

Project Cars. Great game now that most of the bugs are fixed. If only we could get all the Forza cars with the physics and force feedback from Project Cars which is miles better. Forza 5 isn’t worth it for just a few months of play.

I’ve been hearing about PCars and I like the idea of the way career mode is setup. Physics and sound wise, how does it compare to Forza 5?

Rare Replay is a bargain, out on Tuesday. 30 games for £18, granted they are old games but there’s some absolute classics in there such as the Banjo-Kazooie series and Conker’s Bad Fur Day.

Got my copy in the post now, should keep me occupied until FM6!

Also personally I’ve had a nightmare experience with PCars since day one, but it’s a lot better now with recent updates so could be worth a look if you can get it cheap.

Project Cars is completely buggy, has poor AI, and is pretty much unplayable with a controller. So Forza wins.

Can’t comment on Project Cars as I have yet to play it. But if I were in your shoes I’d just wait for Forza 6. I’m sure you can handle one more month without having to buy another racing game. :stuck_out_tongue:

This wait for Forza 6 is giving me game anxiety haha! Thanks everyone for the replies. I might just wait for Gamescon next week and see what new features Turn10 has been hiding…or I may just get Rare Replay lol

Of course if you’re feeling like a change of pace and have Xbox Live Gold, you can get Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag today through Games With Gold, and starting next month you can get Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Neither are racing games, but both are top quality titles I’d thoroughly recommend trying, even if you are new to either series. =)

I’m trying to get into Assassin’s Creed but I quickly go back to Horizon 2 or Battlefield 4. Here’s hoping that Metal Gear Solid can hold me over.

I’ve had the same experience when trying Assassin’s Creed. Horizon 2 is currently holding me over and am looking to try Ground Zeroes as well.

PCARS if you want to race, nothing I’ve ever played on console comes close as far as physics and the feel of the cars. Forza is more fun but if you want a pure racer Pcars is where its at.

PCARS is a great racer. Biggest bugs have been fixed. MP still needs work and is being addressed next patch with selectable lobbies.

I’ve been playing a bit of mass effect with backwards compatibility, never played it before. Just order NBA 2k15 for $20.

I considered getting 2k15 but 2k16 is just around the corner. Mass Effect would be nice but I’m not in the preview program unfortunately. E3 messed me up bad man. Fallout 4…Star Wars Battlefront…Halo 5…Need For Speed. Haha I can’t even focus on the games out right now. Maybe I’ll get PCars and if it sucks I’ll just take it back to GameStop lol.

Honestly, I’d say just wait it out until Sept. and play FH2 or something else to keep you occupied. No sense in spending the money on a game you’ll more likely play for only a month and a half and then it’ll just sit. As for me, I’m actually going back to previous forza titles and getting my car count up and completing my rewards.

If you enjoy just driving then Forza 5 is worth the pick up.

I spend hours just throwing cars around the Nurburgring :slight_smile:

right now im passing the time with forza 5, rock band 3, and resident evil revelations 2.

on Tuesday I hope to get rare replay and have that keep me busy.

I tried project cars but didn’t like its controls, for some reason the cars just didn’t seem to drive right (and this was just a few weeks ago). thankfully I just rented it, so I didn’t lose out on very much.

Picked up NBA 2k15 because I love basketball and a Play and charge kit because I’m blowing through double A batteries at an alarming rate. 1 more month…I can do this. Turn 10 why you gotta make me feel this way?

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can’t wait for rare replay. crazy blast to the past. I actually started playing the fast and furious standalone to get into the groove with weather. I played the horizon 2 for 360 and did all there is pretty much. Getting 300 cars in horizon kill keep me going for 6 haha. Fingers crossed they unleash the flood of info.

^^^Have fun with that…
Takes longer to DL the game than to beat it.