Paint Issues/Missing Categories

The paint shop really needs an overhaul. It is extremely outdated and we need a better system to be able to fine tune paint type. GT7 and NFS Unbound both have fantastic paint options and something like that would be great. At the very least please at least bring back the categories that were taken away, like the metallic category. Rims also don’t paint correctly now. It seems chrome rims will only let you paint them in a chrome style. We should be able to paint all rims in any paint style i.e. gloss, metallic, matte, chrome etc.

Why this Suggestion has got so few votes is beyond me. FM is in a dire need of a new Livery Editor, and in result the Paint editor too. Seems like the game has already got not just a couple, but an actual spectrum of Metallic, Glitter and even Pearl colours. Now they just need to turn them into sliders; Horizon 5 uses a single button to open up Colour Fine Tuning, but Motorsport could use its two-button Tuning to separate colour shades from colour textures. Think of it this way: you press X to tune the colour itself, like the usual Hue, Saturation, Darkness, except now you have the option to add extra tones of paint on one colour; you press Y to open up the menu where you tune the paint texture, adjust the amount of metal flakes, paint roughness, or even use preset values to get Metallic Matte, or simple Pearl.