Paint Design Popularity Issue

Hi All,
Hope this is the correct spot, i doubt if it would fit in the racing or fanatasy paint booth.

I’d like to start a discussion about how the designs are pushed to the players. Whenever i buy a new car, i get a selection of i guess 20 designs for that car. There are a few Turn 10 Selects, with somewhat standard designs for each and every car. Then there are the design from users. Those mostly have a 5 star popularity, but to be Honest.

How many of us would actually like to have 3 random vinyls at random places, in random colours on their cars? Sometimes even standard manufacturer colours only?

I’m not the best designer, but my designs are better then those simply random thingies out there, but as I imported my xbox and only have 1 friend playing FM5, My designs will hardly be used . Sure there are some great people who discovered a design of mine and use it. But it wont get close to what the livery proposals are when you buy a car.

My issue with this is, is it fair to show random (better designs) then just the standard 1 or 2 vinyl designs, or those with all manufacturer decals slapped on them? Maybe there can be some sort of rulesystem that wont allow those no inspiration designs to be put aside and let the better designs thru, even tho, it might not have that many votes, likes or uses at the time.

Please give us your oppinion!

(Dont get me wrong, not everybody has the same taste or likes in a vinyl design, but as a proffesional Industrial Designer, i have some level of capabillity to decide what people will and wont like)

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Yep I agree some of the recommended designs are terrible, but if you search most of the time you can find a decent design that should be the recommended designs. Another thing the drivatars usually use some of these awful designs. I’ve never seen them (drivtars) use a good looking design.

It seem like they don’t want you to use good detailed designs maybe for performance reasons. It would be nice if the drivatars used designs you downloaded or created instead of these generic designs . I’m sure my drivatar is racing with godawful designs I wouldn’t dream of using, instead of my downloaded designs.

I posted up in the wishlist section that one of the big changes needed imo is a complete revamp of the search options for the livery. It is way too limited. There needs to be better filtering and sorting. The keywords are unnecessary but things that are necessary such as rating/popularity, layer count, colors, etc aren’t available. It also doesn’t seem to be able to search the data base properly. I’ve tried searching for specific creators several times only to receive the message “New designs are constantly being added, blah blah blah blah” but after finding the creator on another car, once following him/her I’m able to go back to the car that yielded no results and find that creator’s design pop up on my recommended list.

One of the main things at least they need to add is a min/max layer count in the search function. It’s annoying when searching through 100s of designs trying to find that one that catches your eye when you have to sift through the junk where people don’t do anything but chrome, camo, matte, etc the entire car and upload that design. Personally I think that you shouldn’t be able to share just a simple color change.

I find one of the most popular designs for the majority of cars is the general two-tone color… without the colors changed. Pretty disappointing to see that come up over and over again.

Yea those are good ideas especially searching by layer count, that would filter out all those simple (Bad) paintjobs. Finding tunes and paint needs a total overhaul I have a hard time just checking witch tunes and paint are being used that I shared, especially tunes you have to switch cars just to check that as far as I can tell. Anymore I don’t bother with looking as it’s too much hassle.

Indeed layer count could make a big difference,. Most of the designs that have just a very basic “design” have been created by someone without any interest in getting uses or likes on it, probably dont even really understand the sharing principle. I hope this gets implemented, as i’d like to see decent design proposals for my design, rather then searching for hours on end through the same 1 colour paint jobs…

Anyone else with good suggestions, or reasons not to chose for the said above?

I’m getting 0 to 5 downloads on each design and got 10 to 20 aprox. on horizon.If i remember right the latest designs came up first on that game.

I know they read these forums but the right person may not be reading the individual threads. However I’m sure that person is reading the wishlists threads so I’d recommend posting it in there as well.

Default selection of designs are plain awful. I would much rather see my friend’s designs or the “Follow” designers.

Almost always just skip the default design page, select dealer paint instead, then search for a better paint later or make my own.

In FM4 & FH1 it was difficult enough to get to your favorite designers’ storefronts; go to community, click your storefront, press Y for details, click your favorites (third on the list - don’t be rushed and click the wrong one) cuz good designers always have no spots left in their friends list, check if anything is new, press B and you’re back on the community page. Repeat 20 times (some you’ll mistakenly check more than once) to while away that extra hour that everybody has in our schedules, all the time thinking “They’ll fix this in the next game” or “They couldn’t make it worse”…
Am I missing something? I am over a year late to this party but I can’t seem to find anybody, and this follow thing doesn’t actually help me find car designs. No storefronts is tough, but no sorting criteria on search results? It’s my new sleep aid.
Please tell me I’m just missing something.

Well, when I first bought cars and looked for something from the “recommended” I was looking for nothing more than my race number. Sounds too simple right? But that was my first criteria. Mind you, my intention was to paint my own down the road anyway.

But I have to agree, the stuff that pops up is horrendous. And sometimes it’s the same car twice where clearly someone edited something and reposted it, so clearly that’s a bit vague to process as well.

But when you say sort by layers I dunno. I’ve done some decent stuff with no more than 300 layers sometimes. I guess the optimal thing is simply to have more options and flexibility built into the system, because “supposedly” this is the next “big” thing and it should be able to handle all that extra stuff we couldn’t have on the last system.

I would love to see all these paints able to be put out in the real world (of Forza) and the buyer be able to simply apply their own number without losing the paint. Same with the race paints the game itself supplies, be able to add your own number.
Example, a Falken Porsche loaded from game able to place any race number you want on it, without altering the paint any further. ( don’t flame me on the porsche thing, I get it)

And this is why I don’t search for paints anymore if the recommended versions are crap. This new system after 11 months from this original post date has proven to be far superior to the beloved storefront (sarcasm implied).

I mean liking a tune is a great idea (vs. the failed 1 to 5 star rating aka ‘hate rating’ system from FM4) and would have been a great search criteria in a storefront format.

On a positive I’ve got to say I really like the way we can now browse and search for manufacturer logos when applying decals (rather than the storefront system in FM4). Thats a great feature when doing replicas. Speeds up the process no end.
However, got to say the majority of the offered paint jobs are terrible. Who wants to race a 1967 Lotus 49 with Xbox logos on the sides??!! :slight_smile:
The idea of adding more fields to the database is a good one.
Wouldn’t it be nice to race the 1976 McLaren against 15 other cars ALL decked out in period livery? I’d love that.

I like the idea of showing a list of “recommend design” when you buy a specific car. However, the system we currently have is either simply an unfinished feature, or a system with many fatal flaws. Things would probably runs a lot smoother if they combine this system with the structure of the classic storefront.

One of the thing I like about the classic storefront compare to our share system is that it favors “New” designs, which is the complete opposite way from what we have right now. The feature pages (T10 pick, most popular, most download) are always fresh, even the hottest new design has a certain time limit of how long it could stay on these pages, the system will renew them automatically with the next most popular ones, so you could always see new stuff popping up.

Another thing is that, instead of only showing designs of the car you picked, it shows everything for every car available from the get go. This gives lots more “exposures” to any type of design, including designs with rare cars. In my opinion, the current system is like…imagine an art sharing website (like deviantART) where the first page is completely blank, to see any artwork, you need to type in every exact letters of the title of a certain artwork which you never know exists from the first place, unless you go to different forums where artist advertise their work…HOW HORRIBLE IS THAT?! Well… it’s almost like that right now, if you make a design for an unpopular rare car…too bad, absolute zero exposure for you mate.

I can see the current system work wonderfully when you buy a new car, but not when the classic storefront is not including in the game at the same time.

Let’s say the storefront is now included together with the share system, the share system alone still need some changes. They should treat it as a “mini storefront”, with all the features from the storefront but only showing designs for the car you’re buying. For example, as right now, the “mini storefront” shows 20 or so designs for the car you’re buying:
-T10 picks (Competition winners, never get renew in the mini storefront, only increase in numbers, this will surely makes the competition much more desirable, heat up the contest!)
-Most popular (by amount of “likes”, renew by design with higher ratings, never renew automatically by time alone)
-Most download (by total amount of download, never renew automatically by time alone)
-Newest (selection should be more than the other in term of numbers, will keeps refreshing by newer designs)

The reason of why 3 of the features not getting renew by time in this mini storefront is because there are cars that hardly get any painter to paint them, it’s probably quite tricky for the system to work properly if it doesn’t want terrible but yet, newer and got rated and download designs to overflow the pages. Also, since what I’m talking about is when the classic storefront is included at the same time, so I guess it’s fair for the best designs to stay on top in this mini storefront for each car.

About the Drivatar, I’m still not really sure how it choose designs and opponents, I’ve been racing the same opponents with the same design on the same car for quite awhile now…

eh…there’s just too many things to say about ways to improve the current share system, it got potentials, but if it stays like this, I really don’t see how anyone can enjoy it in the future.

Okay, having used the design finding system for a few more hours, I see that following a designer causes their designs to show up under ‘Favorite Creator’ label in the recommended designs. But without storefronts, we don’t know which cars our favorite designers are painting - unless we buy all 291(?)
I had forgotten the solution that I’ve garnered from having played every paint modifiable game ever - GO TO THE NISSANS. Specifically the Silva and 240sx. A large majority of good designers are drawn to these models, and the various racecar Zs, for whatever reason. That’s the only reason I even have Nissans in my game garage, as I feel they peaked just prior to their merger with Renault in RL, and that’s only in terms of design, and only my opinion anyways.
Still, I had to use my phone to take pictures of my favorites lists in the 360 games to even have a starting point. What I’ve found there is it’s best to creator search in decal groups first, follow them from there, then they’ll appear in recommended when you design search for a car - because if you creator search in car designs they’ll only show up if they’ve done a design for that particular car, but decal groups are universal.

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Yep totally.
I share pretty much all my decals that I’ve made, apart from the ones I picked up a week ban for :confused:

I have also thought about putting entire wraps on the decal market too, so folks can put them on a car and then add more to it if they want.
Like if I was to leave the number panel blank so they can put their own personal number on or racing name or whatever.
Does anyone do this?

The system is hugely flawed and very lazy IMO.
I had a theory about it… It doesn’t matter if your design is any good, it just matters about getting your design out there fast.
When the last car pack was released, I did a paint job on the Infinity O’Rouge car and it was, quite honestly average at best.
It was a Smarties livery with the smarties logo on a multi coloured polka dot background with a black base paint, but I nailed it the moment the pack was released and had it on the market in a matter of minutes!

As there were only a handful of designs available at that point, it started getting downloaded a lot! within the first hour it had been downloaded over 100 times and in three days it had been downloaded over 500 times,by a week it was over the 1000 marker.
Presently it’s just at 5000 downloads.

I have other cars I have spent 20+ hours detailing all the little decals and intricacies and they have been downloaded a handful of times, granted the people that do find them seem to really like them and race them a lot but like all the other dedicated car painters here, it really does feel like our work just goes unseen because of the shortcomings in the game’s layout/framework.


damn…5000 downloads

My last design took me almost a month(every night + weekends) to finish, and so far there’s only about 100 downloads hahahaha…Well, FM5 is at the end of its life cycle, so I didn’t expect that much from the beginning, and honestly, the design is really just for my self satisfaction. However, the result is still indeed a little more worse…no, way out from what i thought.

hahahahahahahaha my mind is breaking aparrrrrrrrrrrt hahahahahahahahahahahaha

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Honestly, I totally agree with that. A quick paint that gets out there early would have a shot at some numbers, I’ve seen some horrendous stuff presented in the recommended box, and they are nothing, absolutely nothing, and still have huge numbers. Has to be simply that they were there.

I’m so late to the party I really don’t see the urge or need to put anything out there as I doubt it’ll generate anything.

I got started in Forza 3 about a year late, but I put stuff out there on the store front and then the auction house, which created immense visibility and I did well.

Forza 4 I did well, not like some of the paint gods around here, but I did really well.
This time I simply don’t feel I’ll be seen, or that it’ll generate any volume at all. If it’s anything like the drivatar payouts, forget it.
I’ll just paint my own stuff for me and be done with it. The only reason I can see to get into it at all is the “possibility” of carrying over the work into Fm6 instead of completely from scratch like now.


It’s a labour of love and nothing else. one off cars I’ve spent ages painting and look great (IMO) barely get touched and other cars that I’ve slapped together get loads of action.
The FM5 downloading community are an unpredictable/fickle bunch for sure!

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