Open matchmaking

Just last few days matchmaking seems faulty. Sessions are a max of 4 players and every new search is putting me in a new lobby of the same or less players.

People abandoned the game for FM possibly or is this an actual issue?

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I do not know the reason but I can confirm that it happened to me these days, too.

Playing on XSX.

Doing the Mazda daily task yesterday I searched for A class road and there was only one other person. This was for all three races with noone else joining, which doesn’t seem right.

Yeah, I only had three when I managed to find a session yesterday. It definitely seemed strange since usually when there’s a specific playlist task like this you’ll get a full lobby of people in the required car class.

Sidenote: I think FH5’s online matchmaking may be some of the worst in the entire industry. There is absolutely no excuse for sitting through the entire loading period, only to wind up in the waiting area for the third race in the championship, which afterwards prompts you for a new championship and yet another loading period. Like, it would be trivial to add in a rule that explicitly prevents the player from being placed in a championship that’s about to finish, and yet PGG didn’t bother.

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Are you saying you don’t like waiting to join an online race, picking your car, waiting for existing race to end, then finding out the championship is over and the next championship is in a class category you don’t care for and that you need to select your car all over again??? Because I :two_hearts: that