Open Racing: has matchmaking changed/improved?

Since the update, I’ve noticed that it’s much harder for me to win races or work my way to the front, because the other players are much better on average than before the update. In addition, I see far less rammers and pile-ups at the first sharp corners after un-ghosting.

I really like that! Is this by accident, or has somebody else noticed that trend?

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Racing has felt better and more competetive the more I’ve done it lately. Bigger fields and more interesting car choices. Raced some names I recognised too.

I think it’s just coincidence, like I used the AMG One for the new accolade which I don’t think is a good car at all for Open and ended up staying for + winning all 3 races easily.

Even though it isn’t the full indicator of someone’s skill an option to search within x amount of your own Open level would be useful for people at both ends of the scale.