Online League Info released

Online Leagues
This week, we’re showing off competitive multiplayer Leagues for the first time at Gamescom. If you love online racing, this new Leagues feature was built for you. Leagues are a brand new multiplayer feature for Forza 6, one that lets players compete in thrilling multiplayer races that are scheduled and based around each player’s skill level and temperament.

The cornerstones of Leagues are its scheduled race lobbies. All League lobbies run on a schedule and will be open in the game during specific times each day. For example, there might be a B-Class League lobby that will be open for four hours per day for a full week; after which, it will be replaced with a new League lobby featuring different cars and/or tracks. While a League’s daily open window may vary from League to League, we are designing these windows to be open to allow the most players within different time zones.

During an open window, players can join a League Lobby and compete against one another in that lobby’s playlist. After each race, players will earn points based on their performance (what position they placed in, as well as the number of higher-skilled players they beat). As long as a League window is open, players can continue to play in that lobby and earn points; these points will accumulate on that League’s leaderboard for the duration of the League. Once a scheduled League has closed down, players will earn credits based on their final position on the League’s overall leaderboard.

Our goal with League racing is to have players always have multiplayer matches that are geared to their skill. To do that, we are organizing players into different skill-based Driver Divisions. All players will begin at the lowest division when they first start playing in Leagues and more skilled players will quickly move up into their appropriate divisions. Each time a player races, we recalculate his or her skill level by comparing how that player finishes among the other players in a race. The more races you win or place highly in, the better the chance you’ll move up to a new League division. Once a League begins, players will remain in that league until the League has completed. When the new set of Leagues is set, each player’s Driver Division will be reviewed and players will potentially be reclassified based on their current skill level. In addition to skill level, League players will be organized by their temperament levels, which will ensure that clean drivers will be paired with other clean drivers, while players who tend to enjoy more contact will be racing with similar style opponents.

Driver Division will also control which League events players have access to. A newer, less skilled driver won’t be able to see or have access to the same League events available to elite-skill players. This allows us to create race events that fit for different players, tailoring the cars and tracks to the most appropriate skill levels.

For Forza Motorsport 6, Online Leagues represent a fantastic opportunity for players to get the best multiplayer racing experience on a consistent basis. In addition to a regular cadence of updated Race Leagues, we’ll also be creating special events that will give players of all skill levels the chance to compete. Whether it’s with one-off series tied to real-world race weekends or invite-only events featuring the best racers in the world, Online Leagues promises to be an incredibly exciting, and always changing, new feature in the game.

Watch Live
Spectate mode is coming to Forza Motorsport 6 multiplayer! Players will be able to spectate any multiplayer race, including League lobbies and traditional multiplayer races. When spectating a multiplayer race, players will be able to switch in real-time between any of the cars in the race, and choose from a selection of cameras, including game cameras and on-board car cameras, as well as telemetry data. In addition, players will be able to chat with other spectators or with players in the lobby.

For League lobbies, we will be giving access to select broadcasters so that they can broadcast (i.e. via Twitch) spectated Leagues races on their own channels.


This all seems pretty ground breaking and a breath of fresh air :slight_smile:

If it works as intended, rubbish (but clean) racers like me won’t have to always be at the back and the best can race together.

.Loving the sound of this. Let’s just hope they pull it off and that in the case of wreckers the game correctly identifies those at fault for racing dirty.

I’m curious to see how it ends up working too. Hopefully the algorithm can do a decent job of determining intent when there’s contact and hopefully also be able to know if it was just network lag.

Should be interesting.

Anyone who cares about where they rank will probably only use the top leaderboard cars in the league races. I definitely expect to see a bit less variety of cars in those lobbies. Just my own prediction there.

I’m very curious if it will allow friends of different skill levels to join a friend in a league lobby.

On an unrelated note, I’m absolutely thrilled to hear that spectating is back. :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure they need to determine fault over the long haul. If the average person has 2 collisions per mile and you only have 1, then you’ll like be considered a clean racer. If you have 8 per mile, then you’ll be considered dirty. It’s just a matter of figuring out what is and isn’t a collision (are all collisions equal) and what is considered part of the same collision and what’s a new collisions. And then just take the bottom drivers in the clean group and move them to the dirty group and do the opposite with the dirty group.

One question I have is if the temperament system can tell the difference between initiating and receiving contact?
Given that we’ll all be starting from the same point, the first few races might be a bit sketchy. I’d hate to be lumped into a “likes contact” group if I happen to be on the receiving end from a newbie that will eventually end up on a different League when the system evaluates us.

The second question I have is does my League Ranking change if I take a break from the Leagues for an extended amount of time?

Color me interested. I’ll definitely give this a try. There will probably be an achievement or two tied to Leagues and I’ll at least want to increase my Rewards score.

Are there normal lobbys too. When i want to drive online with mý friends with other people.

I’m wondering about this myself. I hope they still have the standard class lobbies as well, not sure how I feel about the idea of certain lobbies only open for four hours during a week. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I do like the idea of a system that matches players of similar skill (if it works properly). That way all the guys that drive leaderboard cars day in and day out can race each other, dirty racers can race each other etc. There is potential that if the system works right more people of all skill levels and driving styles could have more competitive racing which would be welcome.

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Well that is destined to fail.

4 hours per day. There goes T10 telling people how they can play their game again. They will never learn.


I don’t understand. Are you saying the leagues are too long or too short?

Im a big B class fan. If that particular league lobby is only open for 4 hours per day, and I dont play the game within that time window ( be it 6pm - 10pm or whatever), then I do not get to race B class.

This is just bad.


I’m with you on this one with having 2 young children and working 40-50hrs a week on top of the honeydo list around the house. I’m lucky if I can play 2-3hrs a week

Yeah, it will inevitably mean that a chunk of leagues will be realistically inaccessible to certain regions, unless they want to stay up all night. Rotating the timing of the leagues around would have probably been a better idea, or if on a schedule, have each league type two-three times a day.

I don’t think it will necessarily break leagues but it definitely strikes me as an oversight.

It seems they have that covered:
While a League’s daily open window may vary from League to League, we are designing these windows to be open to allow the most players within different time zones.

which then creates the issue of having basically nobody to race with online later in the game’s life cycle

So 4 hour window was literally just an example and not reality?

A smart move on T10’s part would be to run a stock setup league also.
Like for the pre-built race cars.


So does this mean I can’t race with my mates in public races? Fantastic if so, not like that was what 90% of my Forza time was spent doing :)))))

I’m liking the sound of this. I consider myself a relitavely fast, clean driver but the amount of times I’ve been deliberately bumped of the track is ridiculous. Theres only one problem I have with this…
Theres a big difference between a racing incedent and a deliberate slam. About a week ago, I was racing online in FM5 with some random people on the nurburgring. I was in first place when a guy locked up under braking and clipped my back-end. It was enough to send me spinning into a wall and effectively, ruin a race. The guy apologized and all was well and I still had a fun and entertaining race, but will the League system recognize the severity of crashes and the differences between mistakes and foul play? What I’m trying to say is that I hope the league system takes into account the severity of the carsh and the frequency of crashes a guy makes. If a dude like the guy I raced against locked up before accidently hitting me, will the game take that into account? I hope that the severity of the crash is monitored more than the amount of crashes, because I tend to find that that usually, the less severe the crash the more likelyhood of it being a mistake is increased.


Sure, but if you are constantly getting in racing incidents far more than everyone else, then it’s likely your driving that is the issue. Everyone is going to have tons of collisions, but as long as you’re better than most you are good.

The more I think about it, the more I like it. It’ll not only penalize collisions, it’ll also reward you for avoiding collisions. And furthermore removes the motivation to retaliate.

What I’m curious about is if you can see which group you’re in and how close you are to the edge.


Yes I agree with you. I can’t really expain what I mean but I’ll try. I want he game to take into account the severity of the crashes your involved in over than the amount of crashes your involved in.