One thing you like the most in this game

As the opposite to DaReoCharmer’s topic. Not to mention all of the negatvic topics in last two weeks.

What do you like about FH5?
I had two things on my mind, but it slipped out of my head.

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Until there is custom adventure…the choice of terrain and class to race…actual competition…not much. That being said the graphics are nice

One thing I have noticed - the issues in the last few games where the rewind function stops working at random seems to have been resolved (or at least hasn’t reared its head yet). I’m well pleased about that, it used to drive me up the wall when it happened.

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I love it completely and don’t understand rather dumb complains here. OK, I don’t care about Playlist but it’s optional, I guess.

I like new tires, they are pretty cool. And braking. OK, just one…

Scenery/venue. Even on an old XBone

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I definitely like the map the most. Each part is large enough to feel realistic and so is the transition from one part to another. This was my main problem with Australia. A beautiful map but felt to unrealistic. This map is more real… if that makes any sense.

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1/ I like the new physics, they are the best in any game ever.
2/ I like the new 3D sound, it’s almost perfect too.

Graphics and visuals on Series X

I like the highway that stretches across the entire map.

I like some of the OP cars like the lambo sesto FE.

I like some CC races that start at the top of the volcano where you race down a massive steep slope at the start of the race.

I like the smoke from cars when you do burn outs.

I like the dust storms, although they seem rare or maybe I’m always missing them.

I like some sick tunes some people have made. There are some really OP tunes out there now.


I am enjoying the enhanced environmental effects more than I thought I would.
The colour when there’s just been, or about to be a storm (and different colours depending on storm conditions), low-sitting fog on roads, weather effects in the sky.

First time I really got that environmental shift, where the lighting and weather effects kicked in, I thought “wow, this feels just like it”.

Deeply enjoying that variation if I’m completely honest :slight_smile:

(and there’s not just 1 thing I’m enjoying :p)

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New rims. These all look great.
The wheels added to OZ Racing and Work are especially nice.
No more need to put Hamann wheels on cars that don’t look like Hamann like the all JDM cars. We’ve got tons of great deep rim mesh style wheels.

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I loved FH4 as it’s my home country, but you can’t beat that exotic feel that I think FH dies so well. There’s a lot of FH2/3 vibes in this game for me. Also the local flavours that are in here work well, the ‘El Campion’ story is really good and you get a luchadore outfit too!

I think they did really well picking Mexico, its a great venue for a festival.

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Car handling. I thought it might go a bit too sim, but it’s good, and I’ve jumped into the game without having to work out how to drive the cars.

Bonus thing I like: the Porsche 959 Rally Raid is now a decent car. Even with modding and tuning I couldn’t never get it to work satisfactorily in Horizon 4.


that quit to desktop button after hours of grinding!

Overall I’m enjoying the game much more than I’m bothered by any issues. What really impressed me having just switched from a One X to a Series X yesterday is how good the game looks on both systems. I had no issue with the performance one the One X and now seeing how amazing it looks in 60 fps on the Series X, I’m even more impressed. I can imagine it’s not easy designing a game to accommodate 5 different systems across 2 generations of consoles plus PC…

Hm 165h played… The part with the snow+volcano in the intro and 2 streetscene events with the fog on road it looked great

I must say, I rather enjoy the Starter Motor horn/sound effect.


I know it isn’t a major thing but I quite appreciate the new whitewall tire option for classic cars. It looks great on cars like the mustang and the 300sl. :grin:

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The photomode is, for me, the most fun part. I’ve already taken hundreds of shots of various cars and the landscape, and have barely scratched the surface. I also really enjoy the various types of racing, especially the off-road racing. That’s fun as hell. I intensely dislike the Street Scene stuff however, because night time is so brief in the open world that you never, ever get a chance to “practice”, as it were. If they insist on having night racing, then they also need to have the night last longer outside of races.

I love the fact that you can drive a Renault 4

And I liked it when someone got a level 8 car almost immediately in the Eliminator, challenged me in my level 1 car and then proceeded to crash into trees

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