List of things in Horizon 4 that i like!

Looking at the long list of (understandable) negative posts on the forum regarding the game.
I felt it was about time for a list of positive things about the game.
My personal positives:

  • The map is better with more verticallity and big offroad sections. With all the destructable barriers i feel more freedom then ive ever felt in a prior Horizon game.
  • flappy paddle gearbox cars now have an animation of the paddle moving instead of just the drivers hand moving while the paddle stayed stationary(i am a big fan of small details like this)
  • HDR makes the lighting in the game look absolutely stunning!
    especially dusk/dawn time looks absolutely breath taking
    Just look at the rear lights on your car at night. Wow!
  • while there is again a lot of recycling of engine sounds some cars actually sound very good.
  • different offroad surfaces have their own feeling: muddy backroads feel different then the white/grayish loose gravel roads and grass feels different then that.
    Offroad used to feel the same regardless of the kind of surface you were on.( personal opinion)
  • dashboard camera from FM 7 is great for wheel users!
  • online world feels more populated with other people then ever before. Despite sometimes having trouble seeying other people.
  • really liking the seasons.
  • more widebody kits
  • wheel spacers can make some cars look incredibly badass!
  • the releasing of new 2 dlc cars a week is great!
  • forzathon live events are fun and seem to draw a lot of people in online sessions.

What are some of the things that you like?

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I really like the map, it was fun to explore (kinda makes me wish there was some kind of randomness with boards, that they reset in random places after you have collected them). Love the cockpit views (but I really want to have full 3D cockpits at this point, where I can see the whole interior of the car) but this is the first Forza game where I am also really loving the exterior cams. Love the new cars (Unimog, taxi) and the idea of Forzathon Live. I really liked the prologue. Stunt driver story was fun.


Map & Environment
The map and scenery are just stunning; I find myself just cruising around at times to take it all in.

Cars seem to handle so much better than prior games; has much more of an FM7 feel to car physics (to me anyway). Wide body kits, added tire compounds, and the PI system seems more versatile.

Forzathon Live Events:
This is such a blast; I find myself scheduling all my events based on when the next Forzathon Live will start. I have even started to drift (I’m not very good at all, but its fun trying). It would be so cool if they expanded this in the future to having one segment be something like “Complete 2 laps of XYZ Circuit”.

My all-out favorite track.

The map is amazing. The seasons are a great addition, they really add variety and longevity.

The new sound of the 2013 Dodge SRT Viper GTS gives me goosebumps.

Ghosting AI cars in drift and speed zones is a MASSIVE improvement