One car seems better then the rest?

I normally dominate my races, winning by quite some time, though - on occasion, it seems like one car is just unbeatable, faster on the straightaways, takes tighter, faster turns. I was just wondering if this was programmed in, or exactly what was going on? It’s the same car every time, too. Sometimes, in a three-lap race, it will come down from ~8-9 seconds to contend with me mid-way through the last lap, despite the fact that I’m usually posting faster and faster lap times.

Just wondering whats up with this - seems unreal that a car can catch up when 8-9 seconds down and the leader is getting faster and faster, too.

It’s just the nature of artificial intelligence. Despite the fact that we now have the ‘Drivatar’ system, there are still some pre-programmed aspects that determine your computer-based competition. A good amount of members on this forum have recognized the same thing - all we can suspect is that Turn 10 has done this to provide an added challenge to the gamer.

I noticed this too. I think it was like that on Forza 3 and 4 also. I believe it’s just part of the game.

Happened to me as well the other day on Nurburgring F1-track. Yet, despite it seemingly tried to catch my, the lap-time never improved (on the after race results).

There seems to be some degree of rubber banding with the drivatars. Most usually slow to a crawl on corners and speed up on the straights. However there will always be one or two that break this rule at random times. They’ll have drag tire brake distances, take corners with the best speed/grip/handling and rocket through straights as if they have no down force. That’s an impossible combination of traits.

I’m finishing off Career at the moment and see this a lot with unbeatable drivatars, it isn’t every race though.

I was just thinking one of the faster drivatar’s was starting in Pole and not getting stuck behind the slower drivers. As most of them drive like someone new online that uses the braking line, braking early and in random places on the track.

I get this a lot also but like the other post said it’s not every race. It’s weird that they can finish soo close but the lap times are at least 5-8 seconds slower. It is a bit funny sometimes I just think they have NOS lol.