Official Forza Motorsport Cover Cars reveal

Official Forza Motorsport Cover Cars reveal

We’re excited to confirm your #ForzaMotorsport cover cars - meet the stunning 2023 No. 01 Cadillac Racing V-Series.R and 2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray.

Tune in to the Xbox Games Showcase on June 11th for an up-close look at the cars, and see a full walkthrough of our single player career gameplay during Forza Monthly on June 13th! See you at the starting line.


Great Scott! :heart_eyes:

Anyone knows what track is on the cover? COTA perhaps?


Is this going to feature anything remotely like a release date, or is that to be buried in all the blurb about Starfield?

Let’s face it, things are a year late. Info has been scarce. And that means some pretty pictures and flashy video without any indication of even which quarter to expect to see even pre-sales, never mind full release, just isn’t going to cut it any more.

I know it’s something out of your hands, ManteoMax, you’re just the messenger. I’m not holding anything against you, for it’s others higher up who should REALLY know better who are not giving you the info to communicate. After all, being told “We’ve identified some issues that need to be solved to ensure the game is at an acceptable level when released, please be patient because we’re making sure it’s not another Cyberpunk” is better than the wall of silence there is now.

Just sayin

I believe they wouldn’t reveal game’s cover and promise “full walkthrough gameplay” if they don’t intend to give us release date and launch pre-orders :wink:


They did say late spring at the beginning of the year. Obviously things have moved further down the road since that is now. Probably the usual fall release time. No one said it was supposed to come out 1 year ago. :man_shrugging:

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5.5 liter naturally aspirated cross plane V8 that revs to the stratosphere. :ok_hand: Now we just need the ARX-06 and I’ll be beyond satisfied (and the 917k of course). Good job T10! Can’t wait to play it.

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Welp, observation time.

  • You know how some things feel like someone’s hand got forced? Yeah, somebody’s hand got forced here. All that’s missing is a cheeky tweet from Turn 10 to the effect of “Dang it, Microsoft.”

  • The track looks…odd. I’ve seen speculation that it’s Paul Ricard, but Paul Ricard doesn’t look like it’s in the middle of a desert or plain - not enough trees. Neither does COTA, IIRC. I’d be inclined to think Willow Springs, but Willow Springs doesn’t look like that, either.

  • Cadillac V.Series is a good sign.

  • Corvette E-Ray? Not so much. One thing about this series - usually, whatever the top-range or most recent car is in a particular brand lineup is what ends up in the game, and the other ranges can kick rocks (with only a few exceptions). Why do I bring this up? Well…

…no reason, really.

I really hope they didn’t take a look at the E-Ray and decide to disregard the C8 Z06 just because Motor Trend said (in a byline) it was quicker. Because Forza has pulled that kind of stuff before.

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I think this is the conscious push to get people excited about hybrids and EV’s. It seems petrolheads are all embracing the shift to “Zero Emmision” cars. What better place to promote that agenda than with a AAA racing title. I’m sure the Z06/Z07 will be in the game since it came out before, and there’s much more information on it (lap times, reviews etc).

Only reason we are seeing this at all is because the cover got sent out by mistake by xbox. We wouldnt hear anything for another 3 weeks otherwise.

The first pushing back of release time was around a year ago.

The only problem being that there has been so much promise and so little information, added to a moment that is going to be heavy on Starfield, meaning that what you would assume to be “normal” may be out the window.

Unless we’re not being told everything, which is of course a possibility, I see a press release (NOT ManteoMax’s fault) saying “Look how pretty we are” again and nothing else.

Idk how you take “walkthrough of single player mode” to mean “look how pretty we are” :confused:

I know t10 don’t have a lot of good faith atm but cmon like.


Blame their prior actions for this. They’ve baited-and-switched people so many times now that it’s a requirement to view anything they say with harsh, uncompromising skepticism. Frankly, beyond the title and the possibility that it will release sometime between now and the heat death of the universe, there is nothing that this announcement or any other has said that should be treated as gospel, because the last time that happened, five cars on their “confirmed” car list got memory-holed several days later.


Very cool Cover Cars :sunglasses:

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The z06 isn’t on the cover because it already is in Automobilista 2 (i.e. not exclusive to forza), while the E - Ray hasn’t been in any PC or Console games.

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A “walkthrough” does not necessarily mean actual play, that covers everything from someone actually streaming live down to the more likely prospect of a selected video which may or may not be representative of the final game. Technically, it may not include any actual gameplay but show the single player mode interface and options. “Walkthrough” covers a wide number of options.

That falls under “look how pretty we are” as, ultimately, a “walkthrough” is a representation. And since this “walkthrough” will be done on a system that is way beyond the capabilities of the likes of the XSX and most consumers’ computers then anything WILL be “look at how pretty we are” and I fear that will leave things no closer to knowing any actual release date.

As I always say, prepare for the worst. That way you won’t be disappointed and anything else is a bonus. And once you look at back at everything that hasn’t happened over the last year, the absolute silence, then taking the cynical option of not expecting anything substantial in the middle of something that will be going batpoo over Starfield, where nothing but hints and teasers will be allowed so Starfield isn’t overshadowed, is more than rational.

And don’t forget the obvious. This “showcase” event is primarily all about Starfield. This bit about FM has only been tagged on as an afterthought. Nothing will be allowed any chance to take attention from Starfield.

Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield Direct are two separate events so I think you’re exaggerating a bit :wink:


Have you the “lotto numbers” as well?

You seem pretty certain whatever is coming in June won’t be shown on an “xbox console” :confused:

Your info about starfield is wrong btw