FINALLY, some glimmer of something of substance

I remember all of us complaining that Turn 10 was banking on the fancy graphics and buzzwords (curse you, Forza Aero!) the last time they presented FM. Fortunately, T10 have announced a “a full walkthrough of our single player career gameplay”.
A presentation on the full gameplay. THE GAMEPLAY. The one thing we’ve been asking for so long.
They also mentioned about “an up-close look at the cars”. This could either be their redemption, or their doom in the hands of our scrutinizing users as they go and compare the tiniest details in everything.
To the forum, do not lose hope. We may finally get what we’re been all waiting for. Turn 10 may have something up their sleeves.
If they do fail however, it will be a crushing disappointment for all of us.


Do remember that this “walkthrough” can include anything, but not necessarily everything, from the intro to user ui to driving down a long straight on a specifically chosen track which can show off effects, etc.

The term “walkthrough” covers an immense amount of ground, it’s best not to jump to conclusions or get hopes up. After all, I doubt there’s one person here who has not been disappointed in what they thought would be a fantastic game at some point, I bet that if we started listing them all (Did anyone ever understand what was going on in the original Rocky Horror Picture Show game on the C64?) the forum would collapse.

Big thread here:

The June showcase looks to be about the cars.

The gameplay reveal comes during the forza monthly the few days after the showcase

Im very impatient to pre order this game i hope they open pre order after xbox showcase finished on 11th june. :heart_on_fire: :heart_on_fire: :v:

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If they actually lead us on for a fourth time and June 13th is a graphics showcase more than anything, we should all collectively check out. They SAY they’ll be walking us through the campaign mode but I don’t trust this team to do much of anything, not after the “coming months” lies.

I think you can tell from my posts here that I tend to lean towards the cynical side of all this – not to the extremes as some, but still – but even my jaded self thinks that you’re mistaken here, trueblood1111. I think we’re going to get something we/T10 can hang our hats on come the 11th/13th.

Let’s break the statement down then. An up-close look at cars is “look at the pretty pictures”, and a “walthrough” covers the process from starting the game to going through menus to, but not including, a race. That last part can be as much as a clip showing the run down to T1 at Catalunya, just a straight line with no other vehicles involved as “rivals” and “practice” are single player too.

And in a “showcase” which was, and still is, heavy on Starfield, will be heavy on telling everyone to stay tuned for the special after the showcase, will not have anything detracting attention from Starfield, etc, then I’m afraid expectations should be wound back completely as you’re going to see how pretty two new cars are and, if your lucky, a few seconds of what could be actual gameplay instead of a preset demo sequence.

History tells us to stop holding up torches in praise of this franchise, the bugs and delays have sucked goodwill away given there are other options out there, if you’re holding a torch you’re best being prepared to use it to give a warning that things could get rather toasty for them if they don’t get their act together for they’ve definitely lost an incredible amount of credibility and goodwill over the last two years and they’re not getting that back with the way they are going.

And while they’ll try and tease, anything short of a fixed, definite, release date, not some vague “in the next 20 years, be patient”, is going to be more than detrimental, especially when people can cut their teeth on AC for, effectively, pennies for the Ultimate version with all DLC with a view to AC2 next year. And that’s one thing FM is up against, they’re an unknown has steadily been blowing hard while the AC franchise still brings in revenue that FM can dream of, as there’s no way FM6 and 7 would still be being bought in the necessary quantities.

So Forza have to remove the proverbial. Allowing for promotional lead times, they’re starting to lose the window for even a Christmas release, and when the competition rises with AC2 next year combined with you being a loss-leader to pull people into the Game Pass service, your bottom line gets harmed VERY badly.

Time for them to find which hat they put the rabbit in, because if they don’t pull that out soon it’s going to get messy and smelly for the whole franchise as people don’t tolerate these delays, etc, nowadays.

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Something to hang your hat on is no use if the sticky pad holding it to the wall has no grip, or screws are into plaster, so the first time you use it everything falls to the floor. Experience should tell you that looks can be deceiving and that until you get your mitts on something you don’t trust what the people trying to make yo part with your hard earned tell you.

And on the other hand, small monthly “teasers” that go over the same things is hardly anything that benefits consumers or gives them ant reason to think of substance.

And, ultimately no matter what, Starfield is THE dominating feature of this showcase, everything is an afterthought, and that should be reason not not get hopes up

The fact that it’s being shown at a games showcase means, the title has got to knock sox off with looks and whatnot. I’m not expecting much substance when it comes to what I want to see.

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this is scarry. over 1 week later on what could be their biggest announcement to date there are 12 posts from 8 members. and the mood seems to be more apprehensive than excited among those few. its might not be too little to late because its already too late period. perhaps the fan base got tired of waiting and moved on to gt, iracing, acc or something else.


It’s a multiple front problem for Motorsport. Horizon has eaten away a large chunk of casual gamers, the Forza franchise in general has become so confusingly aimless that even a lot of the stalwarts are at wit’s end, AAA gaming is basically a giant refinery fire seated next to a giant fertilizer plant, and Microsoft is probably panicking because so many of their recent gaming endeavors are hot messes. They really can’t afford for Forza Motorsport to be another miss. Unfortunately, another miss might just be on deck considering how this game’s been handled; if I had to guess, Microsoft is probably leaning on Turn 10 hard to get this game out of the door, and out the door it’s going to come later this year, with a lot of things missing, downscaled, or saved for post-launch DLC.


The “FM vs FH” argument is like comparing apples and elephants, they’re two completely different sub-genres. One up against more serious racing sims, one aimed more for the NFS/TC/etc casual arcade player. Their biggest problem is that neither actually meets the necessary demands of either sub-genre, they’re kinda in the middle of what they WANT to be but to make them more “accessible” to the widest audience possible they get compromised.

But FM’s biggest issue is how late it is and the lack of any communication other than “Look how shiny this is” when even seeing one single competitive lap of any involved track would be better than what we have now. There’s been so little of substance that you end up with faith being lost and that hits sales.

The hope is that enough play via Game Pass as that is what Microsoft said, last year, was their aim for the entire gaming market, and their planned expansion into more markets for Game Pass as that monthly fee can cover an enormity of costs. But for that to work, especially since FM is now so late with no sign of any date for even pre-orders, it will have to be absolutely perfect from Day One and, given that the delays hint at a major, pressurised, rewrite because things are going nowhere fast, then the chances of it not having major bugs are somewhere between zip and zero.

That’s the perception, in my view reading opinions here and elsewhere, so it looks more likely to be a “miss” no matter what and something more “interim” to keep things going until the next gen of console that we know is being worked on. But as long as people keep paying their Game Pass subs, even something as poor as Redfall will still get released just because they know the money will come in thanks to Game Pass.


I’m old enough to remember that, once upon a time, when Gran Turismo development ran long, Polyphony Digital saw fit to release “Prologue” games that were basically glorified demos to hold the attention of their base. Given how long Motorsport 2023 has been gestating, Turn 10 could and absolutely should have done something similar. But, of course, as we’ve seen, they seem to be perfectly content with trying to have their hype cake while treating things like it’s just another release. I really think that, if they could have had their way, we would still know next to nothing about anything until Sunday, when they would have swooped down like Loki at the end of Thor: Ragnarok, claiming to be our savior.

I also think that, in light of recent events, Microsoft sees much differently now. I think Turn 10’s charade got ended with the cover art “leak”. There are leaks, and there are moments where someone somewhere gets tired of your crap and fires a shot across the bow. Casually dropping something like that in a newsletter is the kind of thing careless retailers do; when your boss does it, that’s not a good sign.


This is mirrored on other platforms as well, pretty much the only excitement I’m seeing is from the xbox superfans on twitter endlessly repeating the same list of games like a robot to try to one up sony superfans or something. Console wars are very stupid, just don’t participate in them.

At this point if i don’t see an actual release date come sunday im done with Forza, this franchise is not worth waiting 6 years for when itll be identical to 7 in everyway down to the car, modification and track list

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It isn’t “perhaps”, actually. With the situation of the latest games of Forza, we HAVE moved on to other games. Personally, I’ve been driving in AC, and haven’t touched FH5 for years now. We’ve already grown weary of the stagnation of Forza’s development, and it shows with our mostly doubtful views on the upcoming showcase, as we think history might repeat again with another disappointment.

To do that, you need to have the game actually working properly on at least one track. As there’s been so little substance my suspicions are that the problem lies there.

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banjack it is rumored ms have the nda from hell to prevent leaks but they were playtesting the game back in apr 2021. Forza Motorsport 8 Tests Confirmed, Players Can Apply Now ( they had to have something working and they had internal playtests / races even before that. i really think they faffed about so long they let the licenses expire before they released the game and are having to relicense everything. if you look at when forza games launch and when they are delisted we are the the timing of a game on regular schedule being delisted and forza 10 would be getting released. fm7 released in oct 2017 which would have put 8 2019, 9 2021, and 10 2023. fm7 was delisted sep 2021, which would but fm8 delisting in 2023 if the licenses were the same as they always had been.

they had no idea fm8 was going to take so long so they probably use the same license, it was even rumored to be a possible series x launch game at one point. but seattle went thru the pandemic and the antifa people even taking over police stations in the riots which probably shut down much of ms campuses causing things to get out of hand. redmon is only about 15 miles from seattle. some delays were ms’ fault but many were beyond their control. but nobody thought to include pandemic delays in contract and licenses before the pandemic.

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All due respect, this is a bad take, largely because this game has already had several at-bats on the “Look how pretty I am” mound. If “Look how pretty I am” is all that Turn 10 is going to offer, then they collectively need to get out of the video game business and try for beauty pageants instead.

Showcases are the moments where people get to see not just how pretty you are, but what you bring to the table. Whatever Turn 10 thinks they’re going to bring on the next Forza Monthly, it had better be the extended director’s cut of what they need to show on Sunday, and there had better be lots of bonus features, because the cold hard truth is they have done an abmysal job of selling their product. And if they show up on Sunday with another vapid pile of “Look at me! I’m pretty”, they honestly shouldn’t be surprised when people stop paying attention to them and start looking elsewhere for other pretty candidates who have at least one other talent worthy of note.