Noticeable stuttering on new hardware

Hello. Let’s go right to the point:

I recently built a new gaming PC, and today I installed Forza 7 in it. Game booted up fine and all, synced all my progress and content, but I have encountered a problem. The game stutters very noticeably during races/test runs. I don’t mind the menu stutter, as that has been a problem even in my old computer. However, my old computer ran this game on High, very well beyond 100fps @1080p and around 70fps @1440p. There was absolutely no stutter or frame drops during actual gameplay. Smooth as butter.

With my new setup, no matter how I adjust the settings, there will always be stuttering during gameplay. It’s a bit more like micro-freezes, but you know what I mean. I am really frustrated. I don’t know what to do. The game simply doesn’t feel right.

I did some monitoring through Riva, and non of my components seem to be pushed beyond what I consider normal. GPU is usually between 50 and 70%, even at Ultra with uncapped frames. CPU is being utilized evenly throughout all of its 6 cores, without reaching more than 60%. Temps are in the high 40’s for the CPU and close to 60 for the GPU. There doesn’t seem to be any memory leaks as well.

I did this with and without all these monitoring programs running. Same result.

Specs with Ultra settings @1440p on a G-Sync 165hz monitor:

Asus Rog Strix z370-E Gaming mobo
i5 8600k @4.4Ghz (at the time of the test. OC is still in progress)
MSi GTX1080ti Gaming X
16gb G.Skill Trident Z @2133mhz (no XMP at the time of the test)

As a reference, my old rig is running a mix of High/Ultra @1080p, but also tested @1440p with only some fps drops. NO STUTTERING whatsoever (apart from menu)

Basic/cheap Asus z170 mobo
i5 6600k @4.2Ghz
20gb of cheap ram modules @2133mhz

As similar experiences by other users indicate, chances are that - provided you are already running the Windows April Creators Update 1803 - it seems to be the main culprit for bad frame timing, microstutter and general laggy performance despite boasting decent spec PCs:

In my case, the only cure was to roll back to version 1709, sadly. Tried everything else from changing ingame settings to enabling/disabling Win game mode and swapping in/out hardware, all to no avail.

So, in case you’ve been playing the game on v1709 on your old rig and are now playing on v1803 on your new rig, you eventually might have found your problem’s root cause. Not saying that it can’t be related to anything else, but reports with microstuttering in FM7 have been cropping up since 1803 came out.

Yes… My old rig is still on an old Windows version. My new one is up to date.

Thank you for the reply. I guess this answers my question. This is the second time Windows is to blame for Forza’s performance. Hopefully a new Windows update comes out soon to fix the problem.

Im running the game on similar specs (same cpu and ram), except for me having only a 970 for now and i don’t have any stutters or freezes whatsoever. Windows is updated to the latest version, so are the graphics drivers. Did you disable game mode? I think its activated by default and it is known to cause stuttering.

if you don’t want back to 1709 then the only option is to disable g-sync like i do.
and then set the monitor refresh rate to 100 hz (multiplayer) or 120 hz (solorace) and use the ingame setting “unlimited(v-sync)” and then the game run smooth with 100/120 fps.