Not great so far..

Hi there, im forza veteran, been playing since the first one. Up until a few days ago i was big forza 4 player but as the xbox one has come down in price a bit i bought one. Well so far the menu lay outs are a bit annoying and long winded in places and the multiplayer isnt that layered out to well either.

My real bug is why o why have most of the stock cars have such bad handling now ? the understeer is so bad! the cars ive bought so far i have to spend at least an hour tuning and then they still arent that good. Also have forza decided to change their mind on what abs means ?

And when you accidently hit someone from behind its like hitting a wall, a bit over the top i think.

Im not sure ill be using this game too long but what do you guys think ?

The brake trigger is sensitive. Go into controller settings, advanced and change brake deadzones to 0/100. Then squeeze a little less than you think you need to.

Thanks for the tip but im the type that i like to use all the trigger down but i spose thats what 360 controllers are like. I do think the feedback in the triggers is cool but im finding it hard to adjust.

You are certainly not alone. I usually don’t recommend it but you can try adjusting brake pressure down to maybe 90% in the tune. See if it works for you.

Pulling the trigger is roughly similar, conceptually, to a floor pedal. Pushing the trigger all the way should be like pushing a pedal all the way.

The cars are not worse than before. Rather now, with greater processing power, we’re able to mimic real world behaviors more than ever. So now, you need to finness the power and brakes much much better to get the best performance. So in other words, you’re not going to go fast driving this like it’s an old console game. Final advice, just keep playing you’ll get better.

Just so you know, if you tune your cars - the brake bias in the tuning menu is reversed! Front is rear.
You will get used to the new controller, took me a while aswell.

Really! that will help deffo help!

The understeer is miles worse than before and that with totally stock cars…

FM5 physics puts FM4 to shame. You just got to get used to it. I love the physics in FM5.



The only thing I don’t like is the slingshot effect when counter-steering (where the car suddenly whips in the direction you are counter-steering). I’m confident this doesn’t happen when using a wheel, but as I’m using the control pad I have no way of testing whether I am right.

There is a setting in an old game I play (F1 Challenge 91-02) that is called something like 'speed steering sensitivity), and an option like this would be nice for this game. What that setting would do is reduce steering angle based on how fast the car was going.

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