A few questions.

Long time Forza player. Long time racer. I have played Forza 1 thru 4. The first FH. I didn’t own a X1 until ten days ago. I bought the Forza edition.

  1. I have been messing with my controls since I downloaded the game. Every car seems super twitchy even stock ones. Previously I ran everything totally switched off I felt it played more realistic that way. In F6 I can’t even drive anymore. Is it that the game engine as advanced so much you can’t play with a controller anymore? I can’t seem to keep my car straight. Doesn’t matter if it is RWD or AWD. Even stock cars seem to be a problem for me. I have messed with simulation steering and non. Nothing seems to help.

  2. I am wondering if this game should be called Forza Pinball. Is it possible to get thru lap 1 with out destroying your car? Is this because of the Drivatar thing? Maybe 24 cars is too many on track at 1 time?

  3. Why when I am braking for a turn to my rear tires get heated up before my front tires? I have been messing with the balance adjustment. This even happens with 80% in the front? Is that why my car is so loose? Speaking of balance. If I have 50/50 balance on the left side of the screen it shows a faster stopping distance than say 65/35 or 70/30? This seems different that what I understand from previous games an reality.

  4. Engine swaps? Make no sense whatsoever. Why does every car seem to have a 5.7l motor for a swap option? Also nothing telling you anything about the motor.

Overall I am pretty disappointed. Sure the graphics and frame rate are nice. Having new cars is nice. But the menu music is awful. I have it off. I hate having a forced career path. An the controls make me want to throw my X1 thru the window.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

For the twitchy-ness if you’re using simulation steering with the controller then turn it off. Its meant more for wheels as far as I can tell.

if you haven’t played since 4 download a good tune for your car and the track you are going to be racing. tunes are free now. there is no “best tune” over all. a tune that is 1st place on one track will be a last place tune on another track so tunes have to be track or at minimum track type specific.

Having only gotten the game last night, I haven’t seen most of these issues, outside of Item #2. I even saw one Drivatar car try to take me out by spearing across the track from the outside line, which I luckily avoided, and then he got toasted against the corner bollard (Abu Dhabi, last corner before the start/finish straight.) Not entirely sure what that was about but I will continue to watch out for that behavior.

In comparison to the FM6 Demo, though, I noticed that, throughout the intro section in the full game, I could not access the control mapping screen like I could in the Demo. I use a controller and can’t, for the life of me, understand why the A button was mapped as the handbrake by default and not either the Gear-Up or Gear-Down mapping. I found that I had to exit out all the way to the Dashboard to access the controller mappings, which seems silly. It’s a simple gripe, I know, but, as a software developer myself, I don’t understand why they would refactor/change that section of the menuing from the Demo to the Released Product.

FWIW, I expect that these teething problems, such as the ones you have noted, will get addressed. Once I had my mappings corrected, my cars handled/performed just fine, so I haven’t experienced the issues you had in Item #1. I’ll need to look closer at #3, as it might have been that I wasn’t driving something that could have stressed the tires in quite the same fashion.

  1. If you’re using the controller just use normal steering, simulation adds more response making it more twitchy.

  2. The drivatards are pretty bad in the middle of the pack which they start you at so it is possible but with the laps being so low you need to force your way through these cars.

  3. Are you sure you are not locking them up for them to get warm? RWD cars the rear tires heat up quicker than the front so it will take a couple of turns and laps for the fronts to come up to temp so go easy on the first few turns.

  4. Can’t help you there, seems like its going back to the old forza days where every car has a swap now.

The leap from Forza 4 to Forza 6 can be daunting, specially if you never played Forza 5 (I was shocked at first too). For example, the sensibility and feedback from the triggers is very different from the regular Xbox 360 controller.
I suggest you try the following:

  1. Try the 0-100 deadzone settings for steering/throttle/breaking.
  2. Set the steering to normal, the cars will be less twitchy when countersteering.
  3. Select an underpowered car with good handling, such as the Lotus 11 and do laps in a technical circuit, such as Brands Hatch or Catalunya.
  4. When you are comfortable, try higher powered cars in a variety of circuits with speed and technical sections, the COTA es very forgiving of mistakes, for example.
  5. Feel the difference of the brakes with and without ABS to set your breaking zones, and use the full breaking line to your benefit at first.
  6. Yes, it is very possible to get out of lap 1 with minor bumps and bruises, as for the engine swaps I generally don’t mess with that.
  7. The game is great to me, I hope you give it time, it can be very rewarding!
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Make sure to select to limit the drivatar’s aggression. I can’t recall if that’s the exact terminology, but it’s something like that. That should make it much easier to complete a lap cleanly. I run a full race now and get away with just a bump on the fender or bumper at most; sometimes completely clean.

Thanks, I will keep trying.