Controller problem

Just wondering if anyone else is having problems with the vibration in the controller vanishing mid race like i am.It works properly at the start of races but after a few laps it goes off hence i’m having to guess gear changes because i cant feel the car biting .I’ve restarted the xbox,resynched the xbox with the controller and it isn’t battery power neither,i’m at a loss as to what to do as i can’t race with out it,any help please?

The vibration was way better in Forza 5, you could always feel the road. It seems they lessened it in Forza 6. I don’t think it is your controller, just how the game is

Well, I’ve never had the vibration vanishing mid-race as you said - there’s a pattern of vibration disappearing always mid-race, is that right?

What I’ve experienced on rare occasions around sharp bends is the vibration just goes dead and at that point your driver just stops turning the wheel. It does not matter how slow you come into the turn or if you’re at the right speed… the controller just goes dead and the steering stops. Then you have to either powerslide or dab the brakes a bit so that the vibration kicks back in and the driver starts turning again.

There is something funny about the way pad steering and speed sensitive steering works in F6. I had none of these issues in F5 and played only using sim steering. In F6, I have to play on normal steering to make the front tires stick to the road better and generally prevent unnecessary sliding. The lift-off oversteer is a bit strange i.e. the car just loses traction in the front, your car starts to slide and at that point you have no steering control. These cars bite a lot better IRL I assure you.

F5 really had very realistic control. Some changes were just not needed in F6, but then again, that’s my opinion. The devs will make the game harder or easier as they see fit. It seems realism and simulating true-to-life character of a car has taken a backseat.

Forza used to be all about quality - now it’s a rat race towards who can get the most cars and tracks out with the prettiest graphics… meeeh, rant over. Sorry!