so i came back...

hello all, recently my brother purchased an xbox one and he’s letting me play it until I can get my own. I have been away from the forums for about 6 months and just came in to check out whats going on. I’ve logged about 5 hours in the game so far and love what I am seeing, but one thing I noticed is the brakes are much less lenient than they were in the previous installments. I race with no assists and it took me about 7 races to get used to the new braking system. other than that it is a top notch game and even though I was apprehensive about the lack of AI racers, I am loving the new driver system,. the races are much more competitive and its nice seeing all the people on my friends list on the course with me. :slight_smile:

Don’t personally know you, but good to see you back nonetheless.

Hmm … Gamertag looks familiar. Welcome back - glad to hear your return to Forza has been an enjoyable one, thus far.

With your brakes the best way to get used to the new system is by feel. The rumble feed back is great to be able to threshold brake and not lock up. Same goes for not spinning when accelerating. If you tune you can change the brake pressure to your liking or try using the same tuner as they would likely have similar brake pressures in all their tunes.

Welcome to Forza 5

also good idea to set the dead zones in controller settings 0-100 on everthing doesnt give the hair trigger feeling with brakes and throttle and makes steering more forgiving :slight_smile:

this was actually the first thing I did after I realized what was going on :slight_smile:

can’t wait till I get deeper in this game and see what it can really do.

I remember you. One thing to note the brake bias is backwards in FM5 for some reason,this may help if you are tuning them,welcome back!

Welcome back! And enjoy the ride!

the braking is the same its the controller thats doing the damage.