Not getting Wheelspins for Leveling up or Daily, Anyone else?

Title says it all. Have progress about 4 or so levels and have not had a single wheel spin. Also didn’t receive my daily Wheelspin for owning the Hotel Castillo. Anyone else having this problem?

If you had any Super Wheelspins in your account before doing the Showcase Remix this week, the game also deleted 1 or more of those for no reason.

I usually get a wheelspin for leveling up. I get a daily wheelspin about 25% of the time for the hotel. If I do get the daily, I have to play for at least an hour.

Yeah. I have super wheelspins saved up. I did the Showcase Remix twice, lost two super wheelspins, and submitted a support ticket to get them back.

Yeah it shows the progressbar at bottom for lvlup and shows “Wheelspin” but there is no (X) to use it and doesnt appear in wheelspins

Edit: not constant thingy applied some skillpoints to force lvlup and it showed (X) and was able to use the wheelspin

I get wheelspins for leveling up. No issues. I’m on prestige level 2 and about level 315 so had one or two of them!!

The daily wheelspins for owning the house come some days not others.

I have had a wheelspin for levelling up.

I didn’t get any wheelspins yesterday. I saw a couple pop-ups about wheelspins available, but when I go to check, there aren’t any.

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Hi all , I suddenly started getting this issue yesterday. I am amazed that an issue this old has not been fixed yet. Have anyone found a workaround or fix for this issue maybe ?

I’m on Series X

Short answer, no. Longer answer, not really.

The Daily Wheelspin was listed in both Known Issues and Fixed Issues last I looked so even the trouble shooters seem unsure about that one. I seem to have streaks of a couple days where I’ll get it daily and then weeks where it never seems to drop. Just like the Known Issue said, it’s sporadic. It’s not tied to anything I’ve tried or had suggested. I’ve decided to live with it since that’s all there is to do. And complain about it lol.

The Leveling Up issues I’ve not noticed but some are mistaking missing wheelspins because of the way the game handles level-up spins. If you’re in an event when you level up it forces the spin on you in the event. Then when the event finally finishes and you’re taking a breath out in freeroam the game starts scrolling everything you’ve completed… xps, credits, accolades, etc. etc. etc. including " You leveled up ! You earned a Wheelspin ! Press X now to spin ! " (or words to that effect)… And of course if you press X, no Wheelspin, instant anger, why don’t I get my wheelspin ! When in fact it already happened in the middle of the event. So there’s that possibility for some cases.

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Gee, wonder if they could just send 7 WS a week like they do the others? Nah. Would require effort. :man_facepalming:t2::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I get my weekly VIP super wheelspins but I don’t think I’m getting my dailies.

Occasionally I notice the Daily Wheelspin only because I see the notification number in the tab… “Oh, I got a wheelspin, and I didn’t level up or complete anything else with a wheelspin reward so it must be my Daily.” Less often it seems I actually see the pop-up notification for “Free Daily Wheelspin” and I suspect that is because it gets shoved under other stuff like spawning the middle of an Arcade event when I leave the house or other stuff. Really, that should be a Message like the Weekly VIP award and download it. I could be getting more than I think but I know I’m not getting them all or regularly. If I had to guess I’d say about half the time.

I’m not even getting my weekly VIP Super Wheelspins.

And tonight again I have leveled up 5 times and only got 1 wheelspin. This is really putting a sour taste in my mouth when playing the game.

I believe the daily wheelspin for owning the house is on a 24hr day rotation. So if you play today and get the wheelspin, then play tomorrow but don’t hit the 24hr marker, you don’t get the wheelspin for that day. Then if you play the third day, but stop play before the 24hr marker you will miss out on the wheelspin for that day as well.
Then if you play the fourth day and you play past the 24hr marker you will get a wheelspin. But that wheelspin will actually be for the fifth day since your last daily wheelspin.

Is everyone following this?

So you’ve actually played over four consecutive days. But the daily wheelspin counter has been screwing you over. And now you won’t get another daily wheelspin unless you play on day six and are actively playing when the game trips the 24hr checkpoint on game day seven.

Seven days of active playing and you only get three daily wheelspins. And they won’t fix this system because basically, it is working the way they designed it to work. It’s designed to force you to give up your life and devote it to the game 24/7.

Or pay homage to the gods of Microsoft and buy the vip/carpass add-ons so you can have the “free” :roll_eyes: daily super wheelspins.

Or, keep farming wheelspins out of gift cars as much as possible and regifting them until PGG catches on and nerfs this.

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And yet there are times when I’ve not had a supposed 24 timer lockout preventing getting it. At least as I recall, because that was an early suspicion and I tried testing it to breaking. Ditto the “active” play, designating the castle as home, etc. etc. There could be some trick to beating the system, but I’ve not stumbled on it lol. I think the devs aren’t even sure what is supposed to trigger it and make it deliver consistently. Doesn’t seem like it should be all that hard. User In Game : Check date, check Castle owned, check Wheelspin awarded for date y/n = award Wheelspin or not if already awarded for date. But, what do I know, lol.

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Weekly actually, I think ? Although… I just bought it yesterday and after a download of (not full) back dated super wheelspins it gave me the 2 weekly supers today. And it seems to have done some weird messing up between my account and the shared family account, meh, whatever lol, at least the Welcome Pack stuff that it had given me previously, a few times lol, is finally (permanently ? :crossed_fingers: ) accessible. But… all the chore grinding seems to have killed my power supply today, so I’m waiting on a replacement, no gaming for me until Monday. Luckily I’d pretty much done this weeks chores if it takes longer to get back up and running. Laters all !

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Sucks. What console?

Antique XBox One :slight_smile: This’ll be the third power brick replacement. I really should upgrade some day lol.

If I play the game for over an hour I seem to get a wheelspin for my house, but otherwise I don’t.

Trust me, you’re doing something else then, it’s not just the time in game. I’ve had it for just showing up and leaving my house after sitting inside it for a couple minutes looking at the playlist. And I’ve played for hours at a stretch doing all kinds of events etc. and not had it show up at all. And the trigger may even be different (or rather, differently applied and/or handled) depending on platform and version. I’ve read and tried all manner of trouble shooting and nothing produced consistent results.