Are you supposed to get a Wheelspin each time you level up?

Hi there,

As the title said, i was wondering if it was the case or not ?
Game says that wheelspin are given when leveling up but… I’m not so sure cause i’m level 102 and i sure didn’t receive 100 of them.

So, is this a glitch on my end or are we normally given wheelspin on specific levels only ?

Thanks !

Pretty sure I’ve gotten wheel spins every time I’ve leveled up.

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I don’t get them every time I level up. But would be not the first bugged reward.

You sure they didn’t just spin automatically for you after a race?

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I can never tell. Last night, I literally got two wheelspins sitting in front of the festival site flipping through menus. Not that I’m complaining, mind, but they seem to be handed out like candy.