Not allowing the SVJs that have been legitimately obtained in this game to be auctioned

I know this game is literally riddled with all types of bugs but now that the SVJ is obtainable, let’s allow it to be auctioned. The practice of punishing everyone to target a few cheaters has no place in a dang video game.

You can‘t get the SVJ yet.
3 seasons are not sufficient to have 200 points.

Thursday we can unlock it and maybe auction it.

So don‘t say you got it legit already because you can‘t.

You can get it today. Only 3 points missing from treasure hunt.

Today is 200 points.

Just realised there is a glitch in our favour for a change. 7 points in season 4 lol

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I would not have said you could get legitimately if you could not. I don’t hack or cheat. Mathematics might not be your strong suit.

The game is allowing it but its not quite right.

We have 7 points from the future.

Mathematically we need those to get 200.

Faultier is correct if it worked correctly.

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But he is not right, so lets get past that to the real problem.

You’re wrong. Might want to check your math. If you’ve done everything that wasn’t glitched, it’s available today.


I got it legitimately Tuesday. Your math skills are lacking. Hope your virtual driving skills are better.

What’s 3 x 65?

Check where your 200 points came from.

It’s very simple matter, if you have done all possible from the first three season of the series you can collect the SVJ on last tuesday because there are 65 points from the first season (three from the treasure hunt is bugged), 65 form the second season, 7 from the fourth season coming from rivals already counted, you need only 63 points from the third season and for this reason it was possible to acquire the SVJ on last tuesday.
Hope that It explains all

Lol - tresure hunt / one of the many bugs the game has and no solution in sight.

But if all you want it for is to auction it rather than own it then waiting 1 day isn’t going to really matter is it?

It matters a lot. What would have been an easy $20M sale probably becomes $5M or less because way more will be for sale.

It’s only play money and not even of the Monopoly variety that you can hold. If it had actual value to me, I wouldn’t be so willing to just gift 1million+ cars that I win on wheelspins.

I get what your syaing but if it worked the way it is supposed to wouldn’t that be the case anyway?

But it’s just speculation. Lots of rare cars don’t sell for 20M.

65 + 65 +63 = 193.

7 points are coming from season 4 which is not here yet.

The games math is 65 + 65 + 63 + 7

But the game will be orogrammed that the car is only legit from season 4 starting.

Probablt the only thing its getting right lol

Again, I think you are missing the point. I have collected the legitimately car on an OG XBox that I would not begin to know how to hack even if it was a thing. I am now not allowed to auction the car because so many did in season 1 and 2. You will not be able to convince me that this is good treatment. I am all for banning and disallowing the sales in those first two seasons. The fact that they implement a system in the season when you can legitimately earn the car should not be looked at as a good thing. You implemented a system after the cheaters sold their cars for millions and you disallow selling by people who earn it fairly. I would say this is just a agree to disagree. No hard feelings toward you. Just poor game design.

This is accurate but since the Horizon Tour bug has worked in the player’s favor I believe the car will be available to list on the Auction House at 3am Eastern (just under 3 hours from now) - for those that want to do so please confirm here after that time.

Having identified this issue we’re now on top of future new exclusive release date eligibility.

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Their you have your explanation now.

And to be honest.

Why would someone put time and work in to have the car in season 3 - just to sell it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I get mine in 2 days and will never sell it.

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