No Tropical Storms?

Have jumped on a couple of times during Autumn season and there’s been no heavy rain or tropical storms like we’ve seen & heard about, prior the game release.

Have only seen light rain with thunder/lightning and that’s it. Anyone caught any tropical storms?

Yeah. Highway near the speedtrap followed by the jump on right side. Was jumping around in the meadows/fields with my car. DJ in radio was saying blabla storm but the superstar is safe.
Think was 3+ in 10 minutes looked “great”. Turn radio on and drive around there dj was always saying something before/after. But its a local thing same as the sandstorm drive few hundred meters and weather is sunny.

Oh, btw u have to wait until you see


I saw sandstorms in one of the prior seasons, but I don’t think I’ve seen a tropical storm in free roam yet…

Realistic though, you don’t see storms all the time in real life.

I have been in a couple. Can’t even hear the radio anymore once your are inside the storm.

You can see tropical storm on the east side of the map near the beach town.

The reason, why people miss those weather events, is probably because too small area of the map is affected by it. The idea behind (various weather conditions in different areas) it is good, but implementation isn’t quite there yet. Bigger map with bigger areas of different weather conditions would be better, so that you wouldn’t miss them or only get a glimpse of it, when you drive on the roads 200+ km/h. Fingers crossed for FH6.

Tropical storms? I’ve barely seen any rain yet. In Free Roam, I have only experienced any rain once since the new season started and usually play 4-8 hours daily

I wish I shared you experience. I swear, it rains every 10 minutes, and then the rain drops stay stuck on my screen once it’s over, even inside the garage and cockpit view, until I restart my game.

It’s super annoying, not just because of the rain drops, but because I’ve been tuning a few cars for handling and grip lately, and every time I want to test it out, the roads are wet…

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Just light rain in free roam. Hurricane in a few races, unfortunately…
Scroll down there is a video but looks better ingame

Seen lightning in the distance, drove to it but just a few drops of rain. DJ was warning about a storm. It’s almost like it didn’t trigger properly and while I was in the storm it wasn’t shown.

Think it’s bugged.

I’ve seen it a few times but it’s more common in the Eastern coast.

Reason why? FH players are a sensitive bunch who couldn’t even tolerate a few centimeters of snow every week… but also because the winds make a lot of noise and it would be a little annoying to drive with that all the time.

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I found storms on the eastern coastal areas

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Found a storm in the jungle area, kinda sucked when your drifting lol

Who cares? lol. With these awful graphics, im really not interested in see a storm in any way. Its enough annoying to drive at night (when most of these events start to happen) with that HIDEOUS illumination and all that aliasing all over the place (specially when driving street scene races with those pixelated flares… wtf is that, sigh.).

You didn’t even answer the OP question, you must be new here.

the sand storm is not spawning either.
you hear it but its invisible like the AI and player cars!

I had a couple of storm in free roam near the jungle area, had a couple of dust storm too during hot season at western desert area near the main festival site.

i recall having one storm during freeroam.
and several light rain episodes and some lightning etc

havent had a sandstorm in freeroam personally yet though

Sandstorms happened in freeroam the first week of FH5’s release. Have since disappeared. I hope they return.