No fuel warning light

I have a little question. Did a 20 lap free play race at Spa (night version) and ran out of fuel in lap 14. In previous Forzas a fuel warning light warned your when fuel got low. In forza 6 there seems to be no warning. Normal or a bug? (car was the Ford Escort Cosworth).

Think this was just an oversight was doing the 30 lap le mans endurance showcase ran out of fuel on lap 5 lol, seems you run out of fuel alot faster in forza 6 aswell i tend to run out after 10-15 flying laps in rivals and could do 30-40 on forza 5 on same track and car.

That’s just silly to not have a fuel indicator. Looks like I won’t be playing those races till that gets the option to put it into the hud. Cause I don’t always play in the cockpit view it’s too hard to see out of a lot of cars with this games FOV.

not sure it needs to get fixed. Now that you know - keep an eye on the fuel gauge.


Not everyone plays in the in car view. There needs to be an option to put it in the hud. Be nice to have the option for a rear view mirror on the top middle of the screen too as a hud option. Again I don’t always play in car view some cars FOV of the track is not my cup of tea when I can barely see the road. Lots of times I go to the hood camera.

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There is an indicator, just no idiot light


Out of all of the issues with this game, this one worries me the least.

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Terrific. Love fuel consumption to behave as it would realistically.
It simulates real racing. Leave it in this game.

Every car I have driven has a fuel warning light. It does not really matter, like I stated above, but let’s not get carried away and pretend that the lack of a fuel warning light is realistic, especially in humped-up street cars.

I own two cars, and neither of them have a low fuel light. One is a 1988 and the other is a 1997

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I have owned many cars (I am 36) and all of them had a low fuel warning light.

Good job, otherwise you’d be running out of fuel every week with the inability to read a gauge…

5 laps on LeMans at full speed killed your fuel tank, eh?

It’s good to see some more realistic fuel consumption - it used to be the case that on top speed for the Indy Oval you still needed some 50 plus laps to run out of gas.


There should be a fuel gauge on the HUD by default. (at least there was for me) It should be a horizontal white bar within the tachometer underneath the gear indicator. I noticed you seem to burn through fuel a bit more realistically during the indycar showcase event.

Just curious. What happens when you run out of gas? Do you disqualify or?

Your car rolls to a stop, as it should.

Figured as much. Only option is to quit out then?

Or restart.

Speculation: I think you could potentially use the rewind feature, if you’re close enough to the pit lane entrance, but I have not had a chance to confirm this yet.

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LOL!! Exactly.

Same problem here, can’t seem to find it on my SLS AMG GT3 when I do my Endurance Races, they should really fix this up.