Fuel Consumption (now building list of cockpit low fuel warning)

Before I start I know there are threads relating to the subject of fuel but this is slightly different.

It’s those threads that had me curious so I did some testing to satisfy my curiosity and something is rather wrong. Firstly as far as I can remember there was always a fuel light came on the Forza HUD at around 1/4 tank which no longer happens. But the in car fuel gauge works on my test car, hope it’s the same on all cars.
Secondly i used to own a Mercedes C63 AMG and I know my average range was around 100-150 miles when driven very hard which works out to around 7-10MPG(UK) so I took a C63 out onto brands for a personal track day and here’s the results…

I started with 2 slow warm up laps (below 5k rpm) then fast laps there after, I had one turn where I put a wheel just too far out and got dirty so another slow lap then back up to racing speed. And i ran out of fuel in 13 laps, actually coming around the last corner just able to sneak into the pits so just short of 13. So after some quick maths.

2.43milesx13laps = 31.59 miles

Fuel tank size
66 litres/14.3UK Gallons/17.4 U.S Gallons

MPG averages
31.59 ÷14.3 =2.2MPG (UK)
31.59 ÷17.4 =1.8MPG (U.S)

2MPG!!! That’s a new record for sure either the car has been modeled with a Zippo lighter for a fuel tank or consumption is just off the scale!

Also I ran a race online with a friend, two laps around the ring and he ran out before the finish! That’s less than 26 miles!

2013 Audi RS7 Sportback
2015 Audi RS6 Avant

That seems off, but it’s probably not that far off. My Cayman got around 6mpg at NJMP this summer and my old Miata used to get 9 mpg at various tracks. I would expect a C63 AMG to significantly worse than either of those cars. There’s a huge difference between driven hard on the street and driven on a track. That being said, 2 seems very low to me. I would have guessed 4mpg or so.


A Pagani Huayra can get to 2.4mpg and that’s an AMG engine as well. But with the Huayra having more power, your 4MPG sound pretty accurate. The OP probably hasn’t driven his Merc at over 5,000rpm and under heavy load for long enough to get accurate fuel consumption under race conditions.

For endurance you usually go ~half the REAL LIFE race event distance, so the fuel consumption is probably doubled in FM6, which makes 4-5mpg for the AMG engine (in game 2.x mpg) a pretty good estimate.

Sorry what have I not done? My merc was driven under heavy load IRL and forza so not sure what you’re saying. And i wasn’t trying to get fuel consumption under race conditions but more in a track day environment as stated, I have conducted further tests results and video will be posted soon

I personally didn’t see my MPG go below 7 in the C63 and I think I never managed worse then about 13mpg in my Cayman S so good going sir! Lowest I’ve personally seen IRL is my old Saleen S331 supercharged which went as low as 3 at one point and a heavily modified RS6 managed 4mpg when booted. I now have a Ford Raptor so back in the land of single figures again lol

But back to the subject in hand I agree the track is a far thirstier place then the street. But this seems crazy. Needing a refill every lap or 2 of the ring for example what was just as frustrating is the tyres just felt like theyd got into a sweet spot (maybe it’s in my head) having “bedded in” possibly, being only at 10-12% front to rear

Like I said I had 3 slow laps 4-5k rpm in there too which if higher rpm does equate to higher fuel consumption as it should my fast laps would be slightly lower then that average of 1.8/2.2MPG

This issue bewilders me as well. I did a couple 30 lap races at Daytona in the new Z/28, one geared to stay at ~4k at the drag limit and running half throttle into the corners, and another race geared to top out around 6500RPM. Didn’t lift completely for either race, same exact result: 15 laps running out of fuel midway through turn 3 and coasting to pits. I honestly think fuel is an on/off switch in forza, seems like you have to lift all the way to save. This concerns me, because I like to play fuel strategy. Oh, and the Mercialago SV that beat me lasted 23 laps. Whaaat!?

Hmm strange. Top gear already proved when pushed hard on track the lp640 is very bad on fuel, but again draining its entire tank in a little over 50 miles seems out. Likewise for your camaro 30 some odd miles sees the tank empty…maybe every car has a massive fuel leak

I was testing the tune on the 2015 Mustang GT at Road Atlanta and ran out of fuel on the 14th lap! Maybe T10 made a deal with Sunoco?

Worse, I didn’t even know where the fuel gauge was. I thought in FM4 the fuel level was shown on the damage screen in the telemetry? Doesn’t seem to be there any more. The whole thing took me by surprise. I hadn’t sustained any damage and then the car just sputtered and then stopped running. I couldn’t figure out why at first, then assumed that it was the fuel.

Shocking. I shall be doing some more testing shortly with a pal and should hopefully get a video out of it for his youtube so ill share results when done

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Real world accuracy aside I’m happy about this. In FM5 you had to pit for tires before you would run out of fuel. This makes pit strategy that much more important in our private custom lobby races.

I see your point personally I think it’s a little too agressive. I personally would like to have a little more realism. This way around means you’ll never have to drive a car on anything other then perfectly good tyres . And you’ll never have to be cautious about how you drive because they’re worn. I think theyve gone too far the other way from FM5 (P.S been a long time Dan hope to see u on track again soon!)

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I would have to agree with you on that, but I didn’t expect the fuel consumption to be that aggressive.

In my humble opinion this is the most serious bug in Forza 6. I am a Tifosi and ferrari is my car. I also like enduro racing and 10 laps at Le Mans would be a short race with 25-50 being the norm. Here’s what I’ve found. I play in Pro mode with all help turned off and full damage mode on. Yes, I DO feel tire wear and while subtle it’s there.

A Ferrari 333SP Prototype has a 100 Liter tank or around 26.5 Gallons. Le Mans is almost 8.5 miles long. I have to pit every three laps and that works out to just over 1 mpg! Diesels like the Audi and Peugeot pit at 8 laps. Disadvantage for enduro racing? In a 10 lap race I have to pit 3 times to their once!

My F-50 Ferrari is upgraded to Class S with twin turbos and just about every engine upgrade there is. It can go 4 laps between stops. Other GT cars in its class can go 10+ laps. Not even Tom Kristensen can overcome these odds!!

My Ferrari 250 GTO is modified much the same as the F-50 and it gets 5 laps safely without running out of fuel.

Bottom line is all these cars have the fuel capacity of a weasel bladder or they use more fuel that a Boeing 747 at takeoff. The only alternative is to turn off the damage model and have no pit stops. I MAYBE understand the reasoning in the short attention span typical 3-5 lap defaults the program uses but there should be an alternative to enduro racing where fuel consumption is more realistic.

PLEASE Turn 10 fix this!! It destroys an otherwise fine gaming experience.

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Too much focus on tyres, not enough on the rest of the aspects of simulation. The big thing that bugs me is that the amount of throttle and RPMs that you are at doesn’t seem to affect the rate of consumption. I’m using as much fuel at 1/2 throttle as I am at WOT @ 6900 RPMs. Please fix T10!!! If this is resolved, I will be 100% satisfied with this otherwise stellar game.

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I got very different results about this.

Last night I run the Daytona endurance with the Peugeot 908. Running top revs near 5k RPM I had to pit in 10 to 12 laps, tops. Shortshifting around 4k I managed regular 16 laps stints during the race.

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Makes me wonder if it varies by car…I tried with the Z/28 and got 14.5 running wot and 15 @ 4400-4800 RPM and lifting (0% throttle) entering the corners, and later tried either a Vantage or DBR (I can’t recall which) and got just shy of 17 on both runs (same methods as before). I think I want to try a few race cars out and see if its the same.

I’ve done a fair bit of testing now and it does indeed vary by car. See post 25 for more details

I can’t understand why tge fuel consumption that worse. At tge moment it’s impossible to run fair races with fuel consumption activated. How can this be that such a big studio like turn 10 didn’t see that issue while beta testing? Questions where whe deserve a answer. But it seems that the devs see that different.

I am perfectly fine with the fuel consumption. Until running a real endurance, but it makes things interesting. Now a 40 lap race (90 minutes) will require 2-4 pit stops depending on car. The issue that bothers me more is that there is no falloff in tyre deg. It’s a cliff! That we will never reach because we dont have the option to get fuel and keep tyres or vice versa! I did 16 laps in the 787 @ catalunya while pushing the whole time. The tyres got to 30% damage when i ran out of fuel. I ran within .1 for the whole 16 laps except for the odd messup lap. So unless the system is very complex and they are accounting for fuel weight (highly doubt it) and the tire degredation all at the same time and it balanced the vehicle out, tyre wear nor decreased fuel in the tank made any difference on laptimes for the entire stint.

It can’t go on that you xan run with one lmp car 8 laps and with one 5 laps. You never can compensate that one or two stops in 1 hour race. That’s really a shame. If turn 10 do nothing against that issue. And again there is no communication between turn 10 and the community. Only to say whe listen is not enough in my eyes. That’s remembering me on a song line from new model army: you can say what you like but it doesn’t change anything. ? Yeah this is 51st of …
I know this thread is not tgat long, but you can see on so many other threads that there is no real responce from the dev team.