No change in race length in Career mode

According to the Release Notes, “We’ve also added new features including the ability for players to dramatically increase race length (up to 1,000 laps for a circuit race and up to 24 hours for a timed race) in any race, including Forza Driver’s Cup events, Free Play, and Private Multiplayer races.”

This would be great, but where is it exactly? I’ve just launched a career race, went into Assists and the race length options are the same as before: Standard, Long, Extra Long.

Since I got no answer to this simple question, I am repeating it here: according to the Release notes, the ability to increase race length to up to 1.000 laps has been added to “any race, including Forza Drivers Cup events”. This is a most welcome feature that I have been expecting for a long time, but apparently nothing has changed in Forza Cup events. The options are still Standard, Long and Extra Long. Can somebody from T10 please inform me whether this is hidden somewhere else, or was it just a mistake in the Release Notes?

My experience is that 99 times out of a hundred an issue posted on the forums will not at all be addressed. You may have marginally better luck using the support e-mail address (, but I’ve found that to be very hit or miss as well. I think what it all boils down to is this: support is WAY overtaxed and timely responses are not at all possible. Most likely a result of T10/Microsoft releasing Forza 7 before it was even close to ready for prime time. I don’t know about you, but I feel I should be on the payroll as a beta tester!!!

I think the reason that ninety-nine times out of a hundred issues posted on this form or not addressed because they do not make turn 10 money. If it’s an issue that prevents turn tan from getting money or causes them to have to issue refunds it gets resolved relatively quickly.

Unfortunately it’s all short-term small picture because the studio and its employees are still making money and able to live their life styles right now. They fail to see the big picture which is the 12 million sales lost since Forza 4 and that’s a lot more money not being made yet they choose to do nothing about it. Must be the microtransactions in the Xbox One games bring in so much money they don’t care.

I noticed this as well not that I would sit for a day unable to pause or 1k laps but still would like to see these added

I cannot find this either.

I’m curious why all the league races are 4 to 8 laps whole all the single player races tend to be around 3.

Hopefully we’ll be able to set the lap count anywhere between 1 and 100 even for single player once this gets resolved.