Builders Cup - race length options for more laps

I’ve loved FM7 since release & especially the career mode feature to set the race length. I feel that the standard career mode race lengths are too short and I would like more laps per race.

Since it was in FM7 it should be fairly easy to add to the new Forza Motorsport. I think as these new renditions of forza games come out there should be more features, not less. Please consider adding this to the game

Couldn’t agree more.

Race length options makes the game so much more enjoyable personally.

I want to have pit stops during a race, to actually test out the new tire wear or run some strategies. To try to save the tires and run long on harder compounds, or try to open up enough of a gap on softs to pit and come out still in contention of a race win.

At the minute it honestly feels like such a wasted opportunity to show off all the new improvements.


Couldn’t say it better. Shorter race length rob us of the chance of having a long race where you slowly and safely catch up to the race leader. It also tests our consistency.


This will also make it easier to level up cars, instead of having to use Free Play.


A long time Forza player here, in FM7, I used to play with Unbeatable AI. So it’s very obvious that when your game difficulty is higher, it takes longer time to overtake for positions.

So what do I do? In FM7, let’s say my career race length is 10-12 laps, and when you have unbeatable AI, you must have atleast 8 laps in order to catch the AI for first place, because you are faster by 0.4xx - 1.xx seconds in every lap and that’s how you close the gap to the front, but how can you save time every lap with higher difficulty if your race distance is fixed to 4 laps?

please fix or add more laps to career race length because it is just plain stupid to race in 6-8 Difficulty and expecting to win the race.


This is an absolute must imo. I wish the AI were better behind P3, but I can at least enjoy chasing down the bonkers fast top ai when I’ve got 10-15 laps or so like I did in FM7… Why this didn’t make it as a default feature is beyond me, but hopefully it’s easily rectified.


Agreed 100%

I used to love cranking the race length up and fighting through the pack. Especially with full tire and fuel simulation.

With the increased effort put into those two things (new tire wear, different compounds) its such a baffling decision to have no option to choose between race lengths. I honestly miss my hour long races.


Totally agree. Please add this feature for this game too


Adjustable race length in career mode is essential. I don’t understand why you would not add that feature, again. Forza 7 launched without it, and it got added later, and it made the game so much better. I have no desire to race a 5 minute, 4 lap race. I want each race to last 10 to 15 minutes. I want to be able to start in the rear, and work my way to the front. I don’t care about credits, I just want to enjoy the game. The same options as FM7 would be fine.


Completely Agree!

I got on here specifically to look about this issue. I’ve been so excited for this game to come out and next installment of Forza. It was disappointing and frustrating to see that the option to adjust the race length was just not there. Its been a staple of the game for a while. The career races are so short.

What’s the point of having a pit function in race if you can’t utilize it during the races?

I hope this is something that the devs look at and include in a update.


Absolutely. Have been thinking about this while going through the builders cup. Some longer endurance races where we need to pit and change tyres. Options to increase speed of wear and fuel usage would also be good.


I absolutely second all the points made here. Forza will likely say that by extending race length in career mode, it will unbalance the car progression they have talked about so much. I really really hope we see race length adjustment come back though.


yeah, we might actually be able to upgrade the car properly before the end of the race series


As the topic says, at least allow that at a minimum. It would be nice if we could create our own cup series, select amount of races and length of races, choose what tracks will be part of said season, things like that… But if you CAN’T or WON’T do that… At least let us extend the races, and get pit strategy involved.


+1 for normal, long, extra long race lengths


Speaking of increases, I wish they increased car LVL from 50 to 5000 because I love pain!

What’s racing without a little pain :rofl:

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If everything is unlocked after level 45/50 i would like level 50000. That would be a way to see how much you drive the car after level 50.
But in general i don’t like the carpg upgrade stuff.

And more laps in single player would be nice too.

Thanks @gutshotenigma , i saw that and upvoted yesterday. You’re right though, definitely a post I’m interested in.

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I didn’t even think about that. Another nice bonus to having a longer race option.

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