New to Xbox New to Horizon New to Ireland

Hello everyone I just moved to Ireland from the states and have pre ordered myself the Fifa xbox one S bundle. As of now I have a pre order with my local game stop for FH3 ultimate edition but after reading that the game won’t have the “play anywhere” feature I am looking to cancel and go digital.

So… My first question is can I just simple buy the ultimate edition from the xbox itself or do they only sell the standard copy on the system.

2nd I did find what i was looking for on and after reading online I see download codes are region free but this warning still scares me… “This product is non-returnable and non-refundable.
Note: Currently, this item is available only to customers located in the United Kingdom.” Has anyone outside the Uk used a download code with success ?

Thanks guys

The ultimate version is available digitally through the Xbox store on the Xbox itself. UK usually includes ireland unless specifically stated otherwise as United Kingdom means England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Hope that helps.

I don’t really know all the political details of this situation, but aren’t N. Ireland (as a part of UK) and Ireland considered to be two different countries?

That is correct I live in ROI which is Republic of Ireland so its not part of the UK

Ireland is not part of the Uk like Northern Ireland

Sorry yes southern Ireland is now the Republic of Ireland and is a separate Geopolitical legal entity. While Northern Ireland is a part of the UK while adopting the Euro separately from the rest of the UK. It’s all a bit complicated and most people don’t really care.
As far as companies like Microsoft etc when they say Ireland, they usually mean Northern Ireland unless they also say Republic of Ireland, then they mean both north and south. All you need to do is look. As far as a game working, I have a couple of friends in Ireland and they have no issues buying and playing games on their Xbox Ones.

Here’s a link to the Xbox Ireland store;

Hope to see you on the roads of Australia! :slight_smile:

Cool Thanks. Of course its more money from Microsoft then amazon… haha

Welcome to Ireland. You can preorder the game from the windows 10 store or the Xbox One and you will be able to play the game from your windows 10 PC or your Xbox One

Code from amazon should work fine. I’ve bought codes from sites other than microsoft and they’ve always worked.