Any way to skip the 18th release date in Europe?

So here in Ireland I’m currently staring at my xbox. Today I hoped I could play forza 6, I tried changing my location to America but I had already pre ordered the game and it looks like I’ll have to wait. But does anyone know if there is any way to bypass the 18th release date and start playing now? Thanks.

Unless you have the Ultimate Edition, then no.

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Ahh such a pity, spent the day looking forward to the game, looks like a long long wait for Friday

Just bought me new Xbox One here in Belgium today.
I have the Ultimate Edition also.
Gave the regular Edition To my brother. :slight_smile:

I never understand why different countries have different release dates. I have to wait until Friday since I bought the deluxe, yet the usual shop I buy from already has them in stock today (Malta, Europe)

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Probably a concern about the server load.

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It’s just to do with how the countries retailers run (at least it is in the UK and USA anyway).

My shop has my Xbox in the store, but they’re under strict orders not to release early. :frowning:

You can use the US Store and download it digitally, thus getting the US release date too, I do it with all of my games. They tend to be a lot cheaper too.

I don’t see how this is possible unless you bought your xbox from the US or have set it up as a US xbox.
Physical copies of the games are region free but digital downloads are locked to the region.

To the OP - you could have ordered a physical copy from another country and it will play on your xbox

Only the sales of the digital titles are locked to a specific region, not the games themselves. Anyone from America can use any and all of their digital games on a European x1, and vice versa.

It’s ridiculous that in the age of digital downloads, they still delay game releases in regions.

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Wait and pick it up on the 19th. There, you skipped the 18th release date.


Brilliant! LOL.