New added car issues

Has anyone else noticed there are a few new cars that you can’t increase the size of the wheels, it’s like they’ve forgot or just rushed the cars when adding them and not added this simple feature.

In some instances you can’t space them out on cars that clearly need it.

It seems lazy like how it’s not just wheels it’s aero upgrades too.

The game on a lot of new cars (especially the ones we pay extra for eg car pass purchasers) that give us the rubbish forza aero front and rear as if we all love Halfords (sorry forza) aero that doesn’t look right on any car

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Hm, i cant remember any car that didnt let me change the size (depth) of the wheels so far (or probably i didnt tune the wheels). But its very possible. Happened in FH4, very rarely but it did. There are some unique special cars that are manufactured only in one way, and for that reason they have their own unique wheels. Its exactly the same with drivetrains, or engines. Some cars are fixed and you cant change the engine or the drivetrain. So, talking about wheels its exactly the same, more or less.