Need help on a drift tune

So I’ve been trying to learn how to make drift tunes recently and this is the first I’ve run into this problem and have no clue how to combat it. I’m doing the nismo gt-r LM FE with the rwd conversion obviously and I’ve gotten it mostly comfortable but when I first break the rear wheels loose they want to whip around and spin me out insanely easily and I need advice on what can counteract that. Any advice is appreciated, thanks in advance!

Well, it is a track-spec endurance race car meant for high speed cornering. Not the best choice for drifting, but I have some advice on drift tuning this same car: don’t upgrade the engine. Or at least, all the way. I run race cams and race exhaust, that’s it for engine upgrades. Everything else to the max aside from tire compound.

Now, for tuning it: may as well go with at least -3.5 front camber, -1.0 rear camber, 0.1 toe out front, -0.5 toe in rear, 7.0 front caster, 10-15% diff accel, 55-65% diff decel, and maybe a few PSI/kPa lower rear. All that will greatly reduce fishtailing, given you’re fairly accurate with throttle control.