How do you know what to tune?

Getting into drifting. Don’t know anything about it but am not going to use a preset tune from the internet. I want to make it myself but what I never understood was how you know what things need adjustment and how much. To clarify, I am on a controller.
I have a stock rx7(not the spirit model) and plan to build it from scratch, specifically for needle climb. I have tried the formula drift cars but they don’t feel right in the sense that they go too fast.

Try following quick tune for drifting:

Front camber 5.0
Rear camber: stock
Toe: 0/0
Caster: 7
Front Arb: stock
Rear Arb: 1
Front springs: stock
Rear springs: min
Front rebound: stock
Rear rebound: min
Bump: min/min
Brakes: stock
Diff: 100/100
Final drive: stock
Gears: increase stock gears by 0.25

Adjust final drive for right power band.

Play with rear camber, front ARBs, front springs and front rebound for balance.

Play with tire pressure for base grip

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Thanks for the detailed response.
I really prefer to figure it out myself but when that fails, I’ll fall back on this.