Need credits please send me cars

Pleaee help

You realize that players can’t actually send you anything directly?

I suggest just playing the game. The game literally throws cars and credits at you just by playing and doing the weekly playlist.


Earn a car through the festival playlist, wait for 2 weeks, sell it for 20 million, easy-peasy

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Yeah i meant both players be on auction and you have to be quick but, it is possible with quick button pressing

That is exactly what i would uave said. But i am level 170 something, also i have all the races almost raced. Also, the cars i want…are impossible, to find. the derbti mustang , few others that are not on auction

If this ever happens…

Honestly they had plenty of chances to bring this back 7-8 months ago when players were at the hights of enganging with the game and actually demanding changes. And still it’s probably the better place to get your voice heard

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