Need money in fh5

Hi, I’m Gus, I really need some in game cash right now, got some cars to finish my collection, some that I haven’t got my hands on in so long, anybody want to help? The dm me on here, or just reply❤️


it’s hard to avoid getting credits - typical race is tens of thousands, especially with car perks

rivals is good

wheelspins are good

only way that springs to my mind that works for avoiding earning credits is not to play!

just about all activities give credits


Freeroam doesn’t do much for cr and a lot of players spend a lot of time there.

fair point - but even races on the easiest, most assisted settings provide reasonable credit income

Yes, also true however the htf cars are either scarce or 20m or both. It takes a lot of races at 25k each to get there.

It’s the way they’re running the playlist in 5 that makes so many of the cars nearly unattainable if players didn’t start from day 1. If they come around again it’ll be a year down the road. I’m just so confused at their choices. :person_shrugging:

well, yes, suppose so, I don’t engage with the auction house so can’t comment much

Kind of funny, lots of people say that. I play a lot but it still takes me weeks to get enough money for a 20 million seasonal car and since I hadn’t played in a year I missed a lot of them. Wheelspins rarely get you more then 1 or 2 hundred k. Maybe those people with hundreds of millions of credits forgot they made most of the money selling rare duplicates but if you don’t have any (or the ones you have don’t raise in value for months) and enjoy doing tunes or liveries on the side which consumes lots of time, making money for those rare expensive cars is not so easy.

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I understand the frustration, it’s okay. Just trying to offer ideas for getting credits. Search for credit-earning eventlabs is another thing. All my credits have come from weeklies and wheelspins, basically; never used the auction house but that definitely is a fast way of getting them.

try buying cars cheap at auction and reselling for profit

i have auction sniped a couple mclaren 765lts for 220k before and you can sell for 8mil, they sell instantly

Anybody want to donate to me tho?:sweat_smile::heart:
Not playing much because my arm is in a cast for now

Buy 10 Peel P50s for 25k CR each. Spend 9 SP per Peel to unlock the Super Wheelspins. Profit. Repeat.

The easiest method that I’ve found (barring EventLab) to get SPs is to drive my Lambo Sesto FE up and down the main highway at top speed, drifting and wrecking stuff along the way. Stop and collect each time you get to 500k points because it gives you 10 SP, which is the max.

Sadly ‘we’ cant donate anything, very dumb choice of PGG, so you got to or festival playlists and sell the cars a couple weeks later for 20mil, or buy cars that sell for 20mil for cheap and resell them

I got some cars saved up for that

And if i buy out the clothes i Get Even more right,
In profit of course

If you buy all the clothes you spend more than you end up saving
It just gives you 1k or 2k spins instead
But at least you dont get the clothes any more lol

*peel trident

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I’ll buy a rubbish car from you if you tell me when it’s in the auction house, just put a stupid price tag on it

I have nearly no idea how the auction house works though so can’t advise beyond that

Il send you a dm

how much are you willing to pay for any car? 20 mil?