So how do you folks make most of your money?

racing? wheelspins? gaming the auction house? grinding xp from drifting? ???

I make mine almost exclusively from my daily PvE racing and wheelspins from the xp I gain from that. I doubt that I’ve sold more than a dozen cars in the auction house, and didn’t profit from it like some people claim that they do. And the credits from my not-particularly-popular shared tunes probably wouldn’t buy me a cup of coffee.

How about you?

At the launch of each new Horizon game I go for skill points. I then use these on the cars in my garage to buy XP and wheelspins. This then gives me credits and more wheelspins. I do that for a month or so until I have enough credits. I’m sitting on 320,000,000 credits so obviously don’t need to do anything.

That and just playing the game i.e. completing the weekly playlist.

I honestly have no idea. The game heaps rewards on. I’d guess most of the money is from Wheelspins but I stopped spinning those a long time ago and I’m still “in the black” between race winnings and the forced wheelspins.

I pretty much stopped worrying about credits around the same time I prestiged for the first time. I’ve now got around 500 mil now and hundreds of wheelspins banked. I honestly don’t understand how people can possibly complain about credits in this game. I’ll sell a car for absolute minimum in the auction house then rebuy it from the autoshow just to get a new manufacturer colour without spending a save slot. I like building and rebuilding outside of the test track until I find a build I like, even though I could save a ton if I just used the test track, but I just waste money instead. That’s how meaningless the credits are to me at this point.

I’d gift cars if I knew they would go to someone who wanted them, but the auction house is the best place to know that the receiver actually wanted the car.


There’s a big difference in credits depending if you have VIP or not, I have almost 500 hours played and only around 20 million in the bank.

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auction house is by far the quickest way to make the biggest money


One of my friends only played for about a year and skipped some seasonal rewards. Played through games pass, no VIP. When they stopped playing they had over 70 Mil in the bank. I did transfer some wealth to them through the AH, but only a couple mil.

I don’t know what we did that made us so much more money. All I know is it became meaningless quite quickly even for the most casual players in our group.

I maxed out the credit counter a long time ago from the auction house. For instance, the Ridgeline Baja Trophy is a reward next week. Have one already? You should have sold it this weekend.

Just…playing the game normally I guess? I’ve owned it since day 1, and most weeks I run through the playlist tasks and have chipped away at some of the other map stuff. From doing that I own every car in the game and well over 300 million credits, with nothing of consequence that I still need to buy. (That was with buying a few overpriced duplicate cars on the auction house to check off a few accolades, too.) Early on I got a lot of autoshow cars for free from wheelspins, which you should get plenty of from just playing the game normally, and then at some point I bought out the rest of the autoshow because I had plenty of money to do so. Unless you feel like you need to have a bunch of super-expensive cars right off the bat, you should get enough freebies as you play to not have to spend all that much for a while.

One caveat is that I don’t usually upgrade/tune cars unless a playlist task requires it. I guess one piece of advice would be to not feel the need to max out every single car you own, at least not at first, since those credits add up. Find a few solid tunes in various classes and stick with those until you can afford to spend credits freely.

Most of it through normal gameplay reward credits. Then some bigger chunks by auctions that from time to time yield that tasty 20 million in a snap.
Sometimes wheelspins give you a sought after rare cars that you can sell instantly or sometimes it’s more lucrative to keep and then action it. For that I check Forza Auction Data toi give an idea whether to sell it immediately or auction it.

Auction House.

Look at the live streams for the new seasons and sell your cars when you know what is going to be in the next season. You can make loads of money this way. I think one season I sold x5 cars I already had and made over 100 mil just that way.

Like others have said you soon get to a point where you’ve maxed out your credits and the game continues to throw money and super wheelspins at you and you don’t need them. I think I have about 150 super wheelspins still to use.

(Copy and pasted from a pinned comment I made on the Official Forza Discord)

Overall “Best” Methods to get credits
It is a common occurrence for players to ask for methods to get credits. Reality is there isn’t really a “best” method to obtain credits. Alot of these “best” methods are methods that are patched out due to abuse (I.E. AFK Goliath, Wheelspin Farming, etc.).

-Completion of races/pr stunts/stories/car collection. Each help gain XP towards your account. Every level up gets you a wheelspin. Accolades may also give you cars you didnt own to save you from using saved Credits

-(My Preferred Method) Completing Open Events. Open Events are alot like the completion of races mention above. Except there is another leveling system added to it (Open XP). Not only does it function like the player level mentioned earlier. They also stack. So if you level up in both you get double the spins.

-(Least Preferred Method) A method commonly used by many amongst this server; Auction House Snipping. When auction house snipping you are looking for high value cars selling below their typical price and reselling at a higher price. Issue with this method is that it is solely reliant on luck. You could get lucky and get one in 5 mins or get one in 3 or 4 hours. While you could be gaining experience with that time doing races instead.

-Achieving Legendary Status. This one is a hard one… since you need to get 50k (likes, downloads, and uses) in either tuning or liveries. Which will show you as rank 20 on your creative hub. Legendary Status gives you the option to post any car for 20 mil on the auction house (although not guaranteed it will sell)

-Festival Playlist: This one is commonly overlooked but it is a quick way of making a fortune. Try to get at least 20 ponts on each season. If you are not a great racer that is okay. Generally people here want to help out. 20 points typically unlocks rare and very valuable cars you could easily flip for profit.

-Rivals: Rivals is also a great method of earning credits, xp, and in game experience to help improve yourself as a racer. The more laps and the more time that is placed the higher your credit gain. Taking this to note if you are solely looking for best credit gain per rival… take the S2 Oval Circuit rivals which is located at the stadium. Do them for several laps one after the other.

Other Important Notes: I highly recommend to not splurge on cars at the very beginning. Most cars that are affordable early on will be obtained through the accolades or wheelspins or via the playlist. It also may lead to a ill used/loss of credits.


I starte playing FH5 in early January, My very first Forza ever. So far I have collected every non-dlc Cars but five, something shy over 700 cars. Plus 260. 000.000 Credits I mostly use for tuning now.

Like most games it’s not just how you make money, it is also important how you save money.

Moneymaking - Auction house, easily. If you spend enough time there, you’ll get pretty good feel for IT, plus can get all the rare cars you’re missing.

Moneysaving - I very rarely bought cars in the Autoshow, As you might get them easily cheaper at the auctions.

So basically I spent quite some time in the Auction both for buying cars for myself, aswell As buying cars I can sell for a profit.
And I even kinda enjoyed browsing the house All the time, I’m kinda weird like that.

Thats About it, thats my crude ‘recipe’ for not worrying about money in this game

I think this is important (If you want to make money) when you are first starting out. Dont immediately rush to the AH & buy 20million $$ cars

I have a lot of CRs now, but in the beginning I spent a fair bit of time getting wheelspins & buying cars for my car collection at the AH at below autoshow prices

I agree with others, the game throws wheelspins at you. Use them get some cars & get some CRs. You dont need to have every car instantly. Play the weekly events (free cars) - every car will come back at some point

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You find deals on the Auction house? It’s not every car but I very commonly see cars going for well over what they cost in the autoshow. And we’re talking stock tune no paintjob. I gave up on the auction house as a place to find deals a long time ago.

Part of the reason why I think so many people are complaining about money is because the auction house has gotten so stupid. And those prices stay high, meaning people are buying at that price. It’s like people have forgotten that the autoshow exists.

I sell my cars for minimum value on the auction house and even at minimum value I can sometimes afford the car in the autoshow with the money I made.

And 97% of the time it’s either a buyout or the car doesn’t sell. It’s very rare to see one of my cars sell on a bid.

When i first got the game it was really hard to me to make more money than 3.000.000 partly because i didn’t know festival playlist very well so i didn’t do it. Once i learnt to know how to get a car i decided to use a strategy that could help me make some cash: 1. Once you get the car upgrade the car and drive it many many miles ( the same thing that you would do with every other car you like), otherwise you keep it at your garage until the next update drops so that it can be more rare and therefore it can go up to 20.000.000 cr.

  1. ( I don’t know if this can be helpfull for others but it helped me) Once the next update drops put the car for sale in the auction house for the price that not only you like but also the people that are going to buy it because it may seem very expensive for them and because they may want the car but maybe it seems to them that it doesn’t worth that much cash.

Anyway i know have 400.000.000 cr so i don’t usually keep the cars until the next update drops but definetly when i had “only” 100 mil i definetly used that strategy and look where i am now.

Existing. Logging in every week.
98% of my current 180M and complete car collection is from the wheelspins the game gives you.
I could have not raced as much as possible and still have basically the same amount of money.
I can only think people who complain about a “grind” on this game got a month ago and are trying to grind everything out this whole time.

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