My wife bought me a present - my first impressions

Ok so my wife got tired of listening to me complain about a game I didn’t own…she bought it for me and I quote “Now if the game is a piece of junk you can’t complain about wasting money on it, Merry Christmas.”

Yes, I love my wife lol. So I put some time in…explored a touch of everything


-Car selection
-All bonuses rewarded correctly
-Rivals mode is a total blast - everything about it is STILL fun.
-I raced a variety of cars…the grip is improved from Forza 5…this is not Horizon 2.5 as someone put it. Come on now.
-Wheelspins! Some hate this…I love it.
-Forzavista - I love to just stare (yeah, that’s a bit creepy, sorry)
-The tracks…and Sonoma is back…what variety!
-Night driving is terrifying and driving in the rain is a pain, yet I really like these two things
-Upgrading and tuning, still fun as all heck
-More paint jobs on the marketplace than I expected
-Did I mention Rivals is really great!?


-Career so far is a joke - played the intro races…2/3 had the rabbit AI driver. It was comical and sad all at the same time. Don’t know if I’ll try it again any time soon.
-Free Play is a disaster…seriously, the lack of customization options is totally embarrassing.
-The menus for buying cars is weird…I did like FM5 better for this.
-Load times are a bit long sometimes (not game breaking though, not even close)
-Damage doesn’t look great. Expected more there really.


-I don’t play online against others, but I did go to experiment with it against AI
-The AI seems better than in career mode
-Even though not complete, way more customization options (at least I can race V8 supercars against each other)
-Love that I can arrange the PI grid how I want…I love starting at the back with an upgraded car…on higher difficulties it is a challenge to win. Using a random grid with AI cars upgraded is awesome too.
-It takes forever to set the PI level…seriously…LT and RT couldn’t decrease/increase those values by 10??? What a pain!!
-The max 5 AI drivers per player is a bit silly. That being said the “6-pack challenge” as I call them are still fun, not as much pileup in turn 1. 11 drivers per human would be better though.
-I can see myself spending a lot of time here


Good game so far. I hope Turn 10 fixes that Drivatar AI. I’ll play rivals for now as opposed to career. That Free Play has to be patched if it can though. Heck I’d take the multiplayer options as a compromise if I had to. And if that happens…please enable LT and RT when selecting PI as described above.

Nice wife! I’m single atm, but my last GF hated how much Forza I play, lol.

Overall I agree with your assessment of this latest iteration.


My wife isn’t the biggest fan of Forza either though I wouldn’t say she hates it. She’s said it though but it’s one of those compromises I guess…

== Sandman, I really like the car buying and finding menus but that’s me.

Hey man, to each his own!

I love Forza and the escape and fun it provides. It’s also cheaper than real cars. :slight_smile:

HA! My wife says my XBox One keeps me out of her hair and lets her catch up on her TV shows…win win. You’ll find the right woman dude!
And yes…the game has it’s ups and downs doesn’t it?

I think its the best one so for, even though its full of problems, why not try painting, I do more painting than racing.


Viper…I don’t have an artistic bone in my body LOL.

I was always going to get FM6 but wasn’t sure if I was going digital or not, I now have the Ultimate. I was also trying a way to get the Ltd Edn Forza console. Then my wife said “why not” trade in the Day One Console (kept the controller) for the Forza console. Mmmm ok. Give the DLC to your son. Ok. So I did that yesterday and only paid $150 changeover. Also got the Audi, Hellcat & V8 Supercars Ltd Edn tin. Not bad overall. But knowing my wife, there is a catch coming…I’m happy but I have this cold sweat fear it is going to hurt!

GFs and wives are supposed to love cars and racing… and gaming. What gives? :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not let them play the game they prob end up like the Forza games. The only downside if they enjoy it, you have to buy another xb1 as you never get back on it…

A few years back my wife used to really hate the sound of the engine revving when I played Forza, she said it was like nails on a blackboard and kept making me turn it down / stop playing. Then I restored a classic Alfa Romeo GTV and bought a modern sporty model Alfa that she also drives often…she has since become a total petrolhead and loves the car sound now! She even comes with me to track days!

I am most pleased.

My ex wife didn’t like my gaming. She had no choice. Probably led to my marriage breaking up (at least partly) but it’s all about compromise.

My current partner has no problem but we don’t yet live together and I’m not sure I want to yet.

I may sound arrogant, but it’s not a case of gaming being more important. It’s more a case that I wouldn’t wish to be with anyone who desired to control my hobbies. At the moment I’ve found someone not too clingy and there is a good balance. She was even fine about Forza release day being an “unavailable” day :slight_smile:

You get married that could all change, I’ve see it happen with family/friends…

I’m an old got (49) marriage won’t be happening a second time around :slight_smile:

OP, couldn’t you tell your wife that you wear the trousers and go buy the game yourself? :wink:

I literally had to turn my head and spit my orange juice out so I didn’t spray it all over my laptop. THAT was funny man. LOL. I think she was just tired of listening to me.

My wife is no gamer…maybe old school Super Mario and she never will be. We have a great relationship and unless there is something to do that is important, she doesn’t care how much or what games I play. It’s pretty sweet actually.


lol this thread, ive heard my female friends moaning about how much their boyfriends/husbands play games (I’m female too by the way) ive always said I can’t see this being a problem for me if I ever meet someone that likes gaming and Id probably buy a second controller and play too - maybe I’ll be the one that likes games more!

Lots of funny posts…couple of things…

Two work colleagues got divorces and swore black and blue they would never, ever get married again, scoffed with derision at the ludacrisy of it…both are now married. They are both 50+, so watch out Amused2Death 66, hit the big 5ohh, your world will change.

I got home yesterday and found my wife playing Elder Scrolls Online with my brand new Forza Controller…yes she is a gamer and I have to share (have a 2nd my sons use)… :[ …I said she shouldn’t be playing with my new controller…she said “do you want dinner?”…yep, starting to hurt already…

Girls and gaming, why not and go for it, I know a few that do.

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Girls and gaming totally go together! It’s how my wife and I met all those years ago… she’s also really good at it. She claims to not like it, but that one time she played FH2…

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