My first impressions

Just a couple of thoughts on F6. Maybe it’s just me but the cars seem to have more grip now, although my lap times seem about the same as F5. No global leaderboards again, which was very disappointing for me. That was my favorite feature in F4. Hated it when they did away with it in F5. Looks like they have a good selection of tracks. I never did like the airport test track. I hoped they would have put the super speedway back in but no dice. Not all tracks are available with night and weather from what I can tell. The inside the car view looks great with the rain. The mod pack stuff is kind of lame. I probably won’t use it much. The on screen menu text is small enough to make it hard to read at times, even with a big screen TV, probably means I’m getting old. The cars just seem to handle better this time for some reason. I can take corners now that would spin me out before. Of course all the menus have to be changed every version but I’m getting used to finding where stuff is now. I like the “spin and win” thing. The game crashed once when I was messing around with the livery editor. If you loved F4 but did not like F5, you won’t like F6 either. Same concept, different menus with night and rain. I’m happy but not as happy as I was with F4.

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I have the same first impressions like you ! :slight_smile: But one thing is still annoying for me. The inside of the cars looks amazing but this thing with the hands on the steering wheel… why the driver moves his hand 10 times per lap ? It´s so disappointed and makes me angry to race a game in the ego view and always see these shaking hands ! -.-

Do they have more grip with drag racing as well? Or is drag racing going to be a pitiful, pathetic, half-baked afterthought like always? Seriously, someone at Turn 10 needs to be kicked in the mouth for that.

I’m hoping on plenty of future updates to fix many launch issues. I seem to be seeing a lot of game crashing related complaints already.

I haven’t got around to the drag racing yet.

Oh, I forgot to ad, some corners where people like to cut, they put some barriers to make that a bit more difficult. Doesn’t hurt my feelings any.

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Overall I’m thinking it’s a massive improvement over FM5. It seems to be better in every way I’ve seen so far.

However, i’m massively disappointed with the multiplayer split screen. They have the ability to have 24 Players on a race but they cant manage to have any AI at all in a split screen race?

It’s a way better game then forza 5 imo. It reminds me of forza 4 on how the cars drive, a lot more grip and such.

Oveer all thus far I’m leaning to the positive but first gripe is multiplayer spa is only 1 lap. 1 lap really.

There’s probably no global leader boards because it’s not global yet! :stuck_out_tongue: