My wheelspins are broken

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It’s not broken, you just are having terrible luck with RNG.
I’ve gotten it 10 out of 25 times, I know someone who is level 30 and has gotten it once. It’s all random.

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I got the main prize (Bugatti) on my level 1 wheelspin. I haven’t hit it since but everything else I’ve won so far has been decent. I just passed level 12 last night.

It’s completely random. You could miss out on the top prize through the entirity of your time on Forza 6… There’s no guarantee you’ll ever get the top prize.

the main problem is that now is starting to be kinda slow to level up and as im not geting anything

If each square is equally rated, then you should only have won 1 grand prize by now. So I think it’s a little too early to say it’s broken. And that is assuming that they odds are equal. If the grand prize odds have been reduced, then your chances might be a lot worse than 1 in 9. So yeah, I think everything is working as it should be.

I’m level 15 and haven’t won it yet either., you will, eventually.

As a slots player I can assure you this is totally fine. Hitting a 30p slot 1000 times can give you an RTP (return to player) of anything from 20% to 500% return on a high variance slot.

I believe that the main prize is just one in 9 and not weighted against due to several people getting it up to 50%. Weighted against would never yield those results. Therefore if this were a slot it would be labelled as extremely low variance. :slight_smile:

I’m level 26 and I think I got the top price about 5 times or so. But sometimes the other prices are really good as well, once the Ferrari 250 GTO (2 mill) was the top price but I won the Jaguar D-Type (1,5 mill) from that spin. No big deal…

Didn’t get the Veyron on the first spin and missed the Lotus E23 as well, but I did get the 2014 Audi R18 E-tron. :slight_smile:

In the end I don’t care too much, if you are a fan and play this game long enough eventually you will have everything and loads of credits left over. Only now you can probably dump them in mod packs. :slight_smile:

Totally agree. If anything this game dumps credits far quicker than I can try the cars bought with them!

I too am hoping there are enough mods to make the credits worth earning once I get all cars - although the ones that boost credits will be pointless by then lol

I think OP is just whining and doesn’t understand how the system works.

For the record, I’ve gotten it 3 times and once I already owned the car so I was rejected the prize. For VIP it shows the car and a credit value underneath, do you win both he car and the credits if you win whatever square they are on (as VIP anyway)? If I was rejected the car did I simply win the credits shown, double the credits shown, or the credits shown and half the value of the car?

There are no bonuses for VIP’s in the spins so if you win a car you only get the car & not the value of the car as well like in FH2 same with the cash prizes.

If you win a car you already have you get the value of that car & nothing else