Prize Spins

I’m just curious how rare it might be to get the gold item off your spins. I’ve spun the wheel three times now; scoring the gold item twice. First spin I received the Bugatti Veyron (gold) and on my third spin I received the Lotus E23 (gold). Feeling pretty lucky as of now but just wasn’t sure on the odds.

POST your prizes as well so maybe we can get an idea on how the odds are working.

Thanks and happy racing!!

Mr Red xxxxxxx

So after getting to a certain driver level all i get now are high level spins which give out such crap payouts. Is anyone else finding the same?


At some point maybe the game determines that you have a bunch of cars purchased already so it stops offering cars?

Would you rather get nothing for leveling up, or some free money? Is it really worth complaining about?


I’m level 61 now and yeah they’ve been the same for a while now

I also found I haven’t been winning the top prize as often as I used to at the earlier levels, not sure if it’s supposed to be like that or I just have really bad luck

I have played forza 6 since it was released on the 10th. i’m currently at level 16 & I haven’t gotten a single grand prize since level 2. I’m want to know who else is having this same problem.

If you want to reply to this post then please state your driver level along with how many grand prizes you’ve gotten since level 2.

you get special spins every 6 levels or so, usually giving you a free car. lately I have been changing my timing on when to hit the A button and am getting better results from spins.

im level 72 by the way

im level 72, got my first grand prize at 4, have gotten a total of 12-14

I’m just level 20 but I’ve only got two grand prizes.

I’m somewhere up in the mid 40’s in level, and it seems after level 40 the prize spins really become sad. Mostly 5,000 to 25,000 CR points. Sure, the big prizes come up occasionally, but they are seemingly much fewer and rewards tend to be cheap. It’s a bit frustrating already because I can’t build the garage simply by racking up CR’s at 10 - 25k per spin. You tend to spend a lot more than earn Credits in this game once past level 40.

Im about level 62 and ive gotten roughly 6 to 8 grand prizes id guess.

Level 63 I believe, and I’ve gotten maybe 6 or 7. At a certain point prize spins start dropping off and you just get a generic “high level spin” that just gives credits or mod packs.

Seeing there is loads of money and it has no impact what so ever on the game if you win an expensive car, seeing you can just buy it at one point, why do you consider this a problem?

Im level 54 and I havent made an excelsheet of what prizes I won at what level. Sry to be this upfront, but this game is pretty good, and what you win when on those spins is not a problem!

I was leveling up in the game and once I hit around level 40 my prize spins just started turning into nothing but credits and mod packs. Is this supposed to be like this? I thought that the prize spins would be a mix of cars and cash throughout the levels, not just constant credits and mod packs once you get past a certain level.

Should the spins be like this? Or is my game messed up and the spins should have cars in them still at level 45+?

Yeah, definitely seems to only be cars in every six spins or so now (have just hit level 81), although it also seems that when there is a car in the middle, I win it without fail. I have to say I liked my latest spin though - the 8 outside panels were all Ford Transit SSVs (31,000 credits), and the star prize was the Fiesta XR2 (12,000 credits) - I hope these people never try to run a game show on tv :slight_smile: Naturally, I won the Fiesta - lucky I’m a Ford fanatic!

After a certain level the prizes starts to get smaller and boring…the middle always shows 1mil for me…but i almost always never hit it…anyways i think we have enough of these prize spinning threads on this damn forum…

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Last I checked sir Rome was not built in a week or 2 if you’re VIP. Also I really hope your not basing your garage on FREE SPINS. I believe you can find a better way by just racing and racing and racing.

This right here is why I don’t care for the whole spin thing. I just knew people would be upset if you didn’t get 100k or high end cars every spin. I also think that Turn 10 did it the total opposite way. All the higher payouts and high end cars should of been higher level rewards versus low level rewards.

Like Phoxy10 said…

Other ways!

Race a full schedule in a “League”…

I’ts fun… I got way better on the 8-10 tracks we raced on…

And… I made lots of CR and leveled up a lot too!

All in one week!

I noticed the same thing too.

Same for me…

I don’t want to win a car every time… or even large sums of CR…

But seeing them appear even briefly is fun… My son always loved to tell me when to stop the spins…

Now were just board… And he is 11 years old, and was someone who was excited about the game… Now he has lost interest…

I love that Turn 10 added spins… Better! than same-old, same-old 35K CR after every level in FM5…

Still now it is more like the boring FM5 level up reward… When, on the other hand, for the first week and a half, it was… Well… Fun and exiting!

Fix this Turn 10…

Don’t give us as many high end “wins” as you did in the early spins… but give us hope at least…

The Dreaming is the fun part!

At least, by placing larger prizes on the board, even if the odds are much lower, you would create more excitement… Seeing them popping on and off the board and seeing the gold box go by improved the game!

IMHO of course!

Loving the driving in FM6!


He is 11 years old and has lost interest in this game. Its like reading about refugees. Why put in your son and his age? Why complain about a spingame in a racinggame? Do you hope we will feel sorry for you kid? Buy him a spingame. Sry to be this upfront, but if this is what you have to complain about in a racinggame, then that proves that the game must pretty darn good.