New Player - 3 Gold Spins in a Row

I just got my driver to level 4 and got my 3rd gold spin in a row. Are these normally so easy to get? I’ve been playing for an hour and I got a Bugatti veyron (1.1M) first spin of the game. Then 1M credits second spin. And I just got a Lotus E23 (2M) from my 3rd spin…

3rd Spin

Pic of my 3rd spin, didn’t start to think it was anything until it happened a third time…

I got the identical for my 1st 3 spins
Then another million then the audi race car

You’re just lucky, enjoy it. I’m level 59 and I alway get 25k prizes or less. Got the middle prize 5 times. 2 of those 5 times the car was really cheap.

Just thought you’d like to see the image:

I’m at level 34 or 35, I believe, and just before shutting it off last night, the spin had the E23 in the middle. I actually said to my wife, “oh man, I really want the E23, bug I never do well on these spins.” Then I got it!

I think that was the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve actually gotten a gold prize spin; I usually end up with the least valuable prize on the board. Oh well; some people have been hunting for the “back of the pack” mod, and I got two of them right away. It’s all just the luck of the draw.

haha had the same experience yesterday.

Finished 3rd chapter, levled up, go for a spin and the options were as followed

  • 8 sub-par money options (10k-25k each, i kid u not)
  • 1 “gold” car (aston martin DB9 race car)

I got the car, thankfully. lvl 28 now and only won 2 gold spins. OP is lucky.

I’m sure that over the course of the game we’ll all end up with roughly the same. I’m only level 20 something but after an endurance race I just clicked away and didn’t much look at the “prizes”. The cars you win do appear to give you something in the garage for upcoming career events so perhaps it isn’t quite as random as it looks. Still, it’s a fun way to get a few cars.

So I’ve used up all my RNG luck :(. Also thanks mangoplah7. Couldn’t figure it out.

Bit off topic but why do people still take pictures of the TV? X1 has a “screenshot” button that you can share directly as an image anywhere including forums, or, can be used via pc to upload and link to forums…just saying lol.

Meanwhile, no, it’s just random there is no technique or skill involved :), i seem to do pretty average, however did just get 1,000,000 cr one today so, hit n miss!

Much faster loading from the phone I would think. Then again I’m old school. I tend to forget about that neat technology

I got the same 3 first spins. I just assumed the first few are rigged to get you all excited for spins.

I got that as well, but im level 46 now and the middle car was an '05 M3 worth 33k credits…and the outside reward was 75K cr LOL xD

I’m level 120 now. good spin for level 40 more or less.
After that, you will hunger for credits !

I got the Identical for my 1st 3 spins, i think it’s rigged, eg, I always win the car I need in next career races.

Haha,I dont think its rigged…Ive had no,zero,none,notta,such luck at all in my spins…

The car spins quickly go away. Enjoy them while you got them. As a level 225 its all just mods and bigger cash amounts. It seems when you complete a race series it gives you a car spin though. If your anything like me though you will most likely own that car already and just a nice credit win.

My luckiest was 2 in a row, veyron and laferrari.

I got lucky with some of the cars. The Lotus, IndyCar and other R class that I’ll certainly drive. The rest of the spins have been poor. After lvl 100 it goes down hill and you get rarely anything it seems. There was the one time I had a Fiesta and 8 Transits and won the Fester. Often the gold prize cars are worse than the other prizes around it.

How is getting good cars and money bad? I have got the Bugatti, and 1M. . . Rest has been small prizes.

When I leveled to 100 I FINALLY got that center box 1,000,000 CR spin win. Seems like the spins are not random at all, but programmed.