"High Level Spin" not ever giving top prize

Since I leveled up enough to receive the “High Level Spin” I have not received a single top prize of 1,000,000 credits. I’m now at level 71 so I’ve had plenty of chances to win the top prize on these types of spin. Either I’ve had a huge run of bad luck on these spins or they are broken. I have won the top prize on several "Special Spin"s in this same period of time.

Your not alone I’m lvl 131 now & haven’t hit the million yet.

So is that it we just get the high level spin every time? Thats stupid!

Ok, so I take it the best course of action would be to save my spins and wait for a patch before using them.

must be just bad luck

seems like most people got the veyron first up, then the million

ive actually got the million about 3 or 4 times now…only level 38 too

You just haven’t gotten to the generic “high level” spins yet. From levels 1 to ~40 I think I hit the grand prize 6 or 7 times, which was fine with me and seemed like it was all luck of the draw.

The last 30+ spins (level 73 right now) I’ve consistently missed the million CR grand prize on every “high level” spin, along with the 500,000 and 250,000 CR consolation prizes but manage to win the only car up for grabs in every single one of the “special prize” spins. And yes, I wait for all the appropriate prize amounts to occupy the board at once, to maximize my chances.

It just feels too consistent to actually be random, and the fact that I’m not the only person noticing a pattern here makes me wonder. Who knows, I don’t care all that much because it’s free money at the end of the day, but it just seems a bit odd to me.

I’m level 86, and have had precisely the same experience. I guess the odds of the top prize on the “High Level Spin” must be super-high, and then super-low (possibly even one-in-one) on the special spins. Doesn’t really bother me as I have plenty of cars and credits, but it does seem to make a bit of a mockery of the randomness of it all!

Same here. Could just be bad luck but I can’t even seem to get a decent 100k prize

Meh, no big deal, but annoying.

Yes… My experience is the same…

But I bought the game for fun and enjoyment…

The hyper generous spins of the first two weeks getting replaced by this… Well…
It is no longer fun.
It is actually the opposite of fun,
It’s like seeing your kid miss the game winning shot and loosing the game
And having to have that repeat every week for eternity…

At least in FM5, I never had hope of anything more that the “Ever So Boring” 35k CR after Eeeevery level!

That’s is why I was so excited to see spins in FM6… They add excitement… but life after level 40ish seems to be like being banished to some level of Forza Hell!

Mixed that with the unbeatable AI that show up in career races at all difficulty levels, and I’m loosing interest… Which is sad… I’m seriously addicted to forza, because I have enjoyed them all Sooo much!

I guess I’ll maintain faith that Turn 10 has a plan…

How about a message at least acknowledging that you… Hear us… Are working on it… and Anticipate a fix by MM/DD…

One can only hope!

It’s almost Monday in the US so T10 should be back at work. It would be great to get some word from T10 on Monday about this and if we should save our spins or if we will be given credits to make up for this bug.

What bug? Is random. You could play FM6 for 10 years and never get 1 mil. You could also get 1 mil 10 times in a row. Is the nature of randomness.

I do agree with you… At least partially…

And… Turn 10, and the game shouldn’t be giving away millions frequently…

It is just the way they went about this abrupt cutoff…

I liked my Heroin-Like addiction to the High reward spins… Now all I get is Aspirin… They made me a junky Mannnnn… I neeeeedd a fix! Just flash a car on the board once in a while at least…


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XD, i could say that i don´t mind too much the wheelspin because i play a lot these days an make enough money but…mmmm… i would lie…I´M ADICCTED!!! YES!!! XDXD.

I don´t know what has that damn “squares” that is adicctible than the “more like a wheelspin” in FH2. I must confess that lately at night i keep on playing to raise a new-near level only for the prize; stupid, yes, but is what i get with adicctions XD


P.s. I´m more agree with the logical pre-programed and not so random, especially in the higher levels to prevent an outrageous economy. I think everyone has a Veyron, a million, a Ford Van, an old Beetle, dozens of 25k cr and a mountain of mod packs!! lvl 81 or so and since lvl 40 only a great one: the historic McLaren from Lauda wich i think is 1.700.000 value. (The old Testarrosa was in fact the big one at the beggining wich i don´t know if it is an usual prize).

Just got a mil. Could just be a streak of bad luck then.

Still conviced that the chances to win great prizes are pretty low on “high level spins”, probably to balance income at higher levels.

I’m not very high level here, but I’ve hit the top prize twice in the spin so far.

Are you still below driver level 40 or 50?

That seems to be around where the cutoff seemed to occur…

At ~40 cars weren’t even shown on the wheel anymore for me.

Sice 50 till 93 appears for me two times; one Formula (McLaren) and a Jeep, but this are 2 of 50 wheelspins, more or less, so don´t expect too much…oh!! i forget one more: The Ford Vans, all the same in all square and a Ford Fiesta in the middle as the “special prize”, not so… 3 times only cars in 50 levels; go figure…XD


Am I the only one who didn’t get the Veyron?

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I didn’t get the Veyron either but I did get the million credits and the Lotus E23 worth 2 million plus about 5 or 6 cars worth over a million so I can’t complain. I could just buy the Veyron if I wanted it anyways with how much I’ve made off spins. I’m just now in the 30’s level wise so I guess the good times are coming to an end.