Already own the car I won - Wheel spin Rewards

I have VIP. On the wheel spins when there is a car it shows a credit value beneath it. Is this the value of the car or as a VIP do you win the car and the credits?

I only ask because I do not seem to be getting those credits.

Also, if you already own the car the wheel spin will not give it to you and gives you credits instead - how come we cannot chose whether or not we want to keep the car as a duplicate some of these cars are rather expensive. At least when this happens the game awards you with the amount of credits shown beneath the car.

You only receive credits if you already own the car. Otherwise the number is just to show you the value.

You get the EXACT VALUE OF THE CAR in credits… so if you want a duplicate car, I think you can figure out what to do.


That’s good that it is the exact value of the car - I know what to do.

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It’s too bad but no double spin for VIPs. Only VIP benefit I can see is double race CR.


I only hope the wheel spin thing doesn’t become like COD AW advance supply drop.

Originally, you got random stuff for playing, then they introduced the idea a buying drops/spins for real money. The next step was to offer exclusive content through drops/spins. You could earn them from playing, but putting out a couple of hundred dollars you could get the better guns/cars much faster. The guns/cars you want aren’t available to purchase, you have to go to the random system in hopes to get what you want.

I’ve played every version of Forza and always had more than enough credits from playing to get what I wanted. I don’t get the random wheel spin and it looks like a slot machine…hopefully Forza doesn’t come up with the idea of selling us wheel spins for real money. And I don’t see anything different from F6, except this wheel spin thing (nice the tuner is mentioned in the rival laps).

The wheel spin is an annoying to me and I don’t pay any attention to it.

Edit: not saying advancements haven’t been made in this version - just saying I don’t like the random wheel spin.

Considering the wheelspins give you cars, money, and I guess mod packs (I’ve just skipped all of the ones that are possible to, so I don’t know), and money if you own the car, I doubt this is something worth charging people for since you can just buy all of the things without the wheelspins. Since they already/always have 50$+ worth of paid DLC, I don’t think they’d get good feedback from the community by “selling wheelspins” for exclusive content since Forza isn’t as wide spread as CoD.

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I don’t know if this is just good luck, but I’m at level 3, and on each wheelspin I’ve got the best prize. Level 1 was a Bugatti Veyron worth 1.1m, Level 2 was 1m credits and Level 3 was a car (can’t remember what it was called) worth around 2m credits.

from everyone ive seen comment about they have got the identical rewards on the 1st 2 spins…me included
the bugatti veyron then 1 million credits

Spins 1 and 2 were the Audi RS 5 and the Alfa Romeo GTV-6.

I don’t mind it. RIght now, I’m spending most of my credits on cars just to build up a good variety of cars for each racing class, so I don’t leave many credits laying around. I enjoy occasionally winning 1 million credits or a Hennessey Venom (and also the option to sell it if there is something else I’d prefer). It’s always nice to get unexpected rewards.

At worst, I don’t think it causes any issues for anyone. Maybe it cheapens the 2x Credit Boost for VIP’s a little bit but earning more credits has never given anyone a competitive advantage. I certainly wouldn’t pay real money for “wheel spins”. I can easily grind out several dozen hours and buy whatever I want.

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once you hit 60 the spins are kinda meh.

I’ve hit 25,000 8 times in a row, then got a special spin and won a racing dbr 9, then back to 25k the next 6 spins, then won a 66 gt 40.

if it weren’t for the special spins it would be worse system than fm5 had. at least we get double credits for races being VIP, makes endurance races VERY worth it.