My Rant From A Loyal Fan (Feel Free To Add To It)

I’ll throw my 2 cents in as well. So far, haven’t played too much, but passed the Seeker championship (don’t have a whole lot of free time). As a $60 game, this fills the boots it was given - now if I paid for the Ultimate Edition, I (like most others who went that route) would feel absolutely gutted. While devs have to keep changing stuff to make this fun again and again in a series (can’t believe we’re on 7 now lol), I think they went too far this time and catered to the “tweeters”/casual racers and left all those who love Forza for what it was before. No assist bonus’ is a joke IMO, what is the point now of challenging yourself besides self-satisfaction? The drivatars are just a crapshoot too, behaving more like poorly coded AI rather than an image of that person (Gran Turismo 4 had better AI!), can’t tell you how many times I’ve out braked the AI and proceed to get slammed in the side and almost spun - completely ruins the game! On top of that, it’s a pretty bland race too - catch up, pass, watch as they fall way back suddenly. VIP is a joke, no headlights in tunnels (way too dark in cockpit view), glitchy disappearing deep dish wheels, matte-finish paint on every car except yours, excessive camera movement at times, lack of “medium” length races (its either 2 laps or 10, no inbetween), complete imbalance in car prices (newer cars costing more than legendary classics/race cars - [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]), damn loot crates EVERYWHERE…probably more too.

I’ve played since the first one, and lately the series is getting pretty bumpy now. 5 was pretty bad, 6 was good, but 7 is just…meh. For $60 its a pretty good game, but I don’t feel fulfilled single player-wise. So far its been pretty fun, but I feel disconnected from any car I drive - no point in buying upgrades and tuning since you can’t use them freely in career (or probably multiplayer - haven’t tried that yet). The collecting setup is cool, and a fresh change to the series that I actually like. I haven’t had any real problems with credits YET, as I’ve been doing long races more than short ones.

TL;DR: For a base game at $60, its ok. Is it better than 3, 4 or 6? Hell nah. Whatever happened to some actual content for people who bought the “most deluxe” edition possible? That’s my biggest question.


I agree with the points about the no reward for turning off assists too. I had never played a racing game where I turned off stability control, abs, and used a manual transmission until forza 2. I don’t know if I would have if it wasn’t for the credit bonuses. Forza rewarded you for challenging yourself and in the end it made you a better driver. I used to leave the suggested line on braking only until I learn the new tracks, then I turn it off for the added credit bonus. Now I have no incentive to do this.

The visual glitches like no headlights in tunnels, seems like it would be easy to patch but I don’t know how that makes it through testing. If I’m racing wheel to wheel in a tunnel I almost have to back out to third person to see what I’m doing; such an oversight. When viewing cars in the garage sometimes my cars don’t have tires and sometimes the tires are stuck out a few feet past the fenders. I get every game has glitches these days but this is basic stuff.

The homologation is very confusing too. Take the focus RS for example. It’s class is limited to 300hp. The focus rs has 350hp from the factory. So when you buy it and race it in the game it is detuned to 300hp to fit homologation. Therefore you never really even get to drive the focus rs as its meant to be. You can’t add power to it and use it because its over the power limit. But you also don’t get to use all of its factory horsepower. I just can’t see why they stuck us with this system. PI and D-X classes hardly matter at all now.

After Halo the master chief collection and Forza 7, I don’t think I will ever preorder another game. It’s been said by others, but to fix this stuff we have to vote with our wallet. I’m going to stop giving developers money for a product before its ever released. If they have the money months ahead of time they have no reason to put that extra coat of polish on the game, they already got paid. At least the master chief collection had 4 enjoyable single player games to play at launch, Forzas career just isn’t very good anymore.

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Agreed with the posts above - not going to waste my time typing out reasons and past history - it won’t be read anyway - it won’t make a difference.


Been playing since Forza 1.

Forza 5 was such a let down I stopped playing within hours and skipped 6, but when 6’s $135-ish version went on sale for $35 I bought it and was very happy they fixed most of 5’s shortcomings. I was excited about 7 and preordered the Xbox-1-X just for that game.

As I talk to everyone on my friends list, Forza management would be surprised to see how many people are in the same position. On again/off again game experience over the years due to deletions of content that core gamers love resulting in no preorders and no full price buys, and as more information about 7 comes out some will not buy it when it gets to the “games for gold” bin.

At least a few people in upper-management need to be big fans of this franchise and play regularly.

I have also been playing since forza 2, and most points on the thread are accurate to what I and others think.
I also believe that the forza series peaked at Forza Motorsports 4


Been loyal since forza 1 own every forza bought on my cell while at work on the 3rd haven’t installed yet but already feeling ripped off after reading reviews online about what has become of the VIP membership and the game feeling like a free to play that you pay $60 or $80 in my case never again. will I buy another product from you but it’s not like you listen to your coustomers anyways


Do you remember Forza Motorsport 3 ? That was incredible.

The series lost connection from ‘‘reality and seriousness’’, the series became too mainstream, too teen-friendly, too much cartoonish, and too easy to play.

The Forza 1,2 and especially Forza Motorsport 3 was a serious racing game for enthusiasts, for hardcore gamers, the songs (X-track!), the cars, the color palette, everything, i mean everything were build for hardcore car lovers and hardcore racing game lovers.

Now what we got? Teenage stuff.

Ah man, good old days, those were the days.

Homologation has ruined the freedom and creativity of the Forza Motorsport franchise. Its now basically Gran Turismo with more arcadey controls. Customization is dead.


TURN10 - No Drivatars in Private Lobbys - This absolutely needs to be addressed! FAIL TURN10 FAIL!

Same. Own them all. Too many micro transactions. And they took out cars like the terminator. But we still have the escalade! Never again…

Edit. I see now to get the 00 mustang you have to “unlock” it. Which might be worse. But that’s the running theme with FM7. Take stuff away from us in an attempt to cash grab


Having played a bit more, I must say that the FFB has improved significantly: I have a better feel of the tires and of the back of the car. The fact that you now can extend the duration of career races is also a nice touch.

However, I can’t even buy a Kombi. According to the information, this car - like many others that appear locked even in Tier 1 - is available only in crates or special events. I honestly don’t get it. Are they turning Forza into a sort of RPG?

In my view, they are trying to follow in the trail of the best-selling Horizon series and targeting the game at teenagers with short attention span and no driving skills. This would explain the need to be always doing things outside races, as well as the lack of incentive to drive without aids. It may be a clever marketing move, but at the risk of alienating core users. I fear the need for driving may disappear completely in Forza 8. You will just hire and train a virtual driver and focus on buying and collecting stuff.

I believe you could be onto something with the reference to FORZA becoming a RPG. As they are pushing the game for more online tournament use in the future, and focusing more in that area than any other.

Not a rant as such but my views/thoughts can be seen here:

I’ve been playing Forza since te original on the very first Xbox back in November 2002. I remember purchasing the console during the period my dearest partner was passing away from cancer.

Believe it or not, the console and game/s brought myself, my partner and her 10yrbold daughter closer during those last weeks. It took us away from what was coming. I’ve loved almost all of the subsequent iterations of Forza once it was released, and I too was an ardent fan of being a VIP member.

But now, the VIP means nothing, as I’ve used up the measly number of VIP bonus awards, I have now exclusive cars that only VIP members got. Cars I’ve wanted can’t be easily identified, or acquired, and even the Crates now have a time limit on purchases. As domyour '‘daily’ credits for your Forza car appearing in other races while you’re offline.

If you don’t log on each day, you don’t get the credits. Bad form Turn 10.

Even down to the information on the cars has been stripped from the game when in Vista. You no longer get the detailed information about the cars, nor can you open some of the cars up like you once could.

When you purchase a race-ready car for a particular section to move forward in the game, they handle like dogs, they loose control at the slightest provocation. Even without any input from me, a race-ready Toiring Voloso can’t even go around Dubai without loosing it at any of the curves or turns.

The detail is now lost, and even lighting in vista is terrible when compared to FM6. The cars have no weightbtomthem, so it’s so easy to loose control. Unlike FM5/6 or 4. Even Horizon has better handling than FM7.

Turn 10, I never thought I’d say this, as I believe in supporting a developer through thick and thin. But no more. You’ve lost yet another very dedicated mature gamer. One who’ll never recommend this title to anyone.

Either give the game a solid shot in the arm and fix all the areas ppl are complaining about, or you’ll be loosing ardent followers by the droves.

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I agree with the community.

I discovered the franchise with FM3. I became one of your biggest fan afterwards.
I’ve bought all the titles, including the different Horizons, and all the ultimate editions. I’ve spent a lot of time and money for it. I decided to buy an XboxOne at launch to play FM5.
I loved your simulation.
But today, you’re killing it. You chenged it in a kind of money-sucker game. DLC’s, poor virtual rewards compared to the real money injected to buy this game and so on. So disappointing.
If you don’t patch it or try to fix that, it will be the last Forza for me. Really. Other competitors don’t take their customers as milk-cows.

For people so interested by money, just ask yourself: what financials losses if your fans don’t buy the future editions ?

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Honestly I should have known when they put a porsche on the cover…


I love cars I always have since I could remember. The first Forza I played was Forza 4 and it is one of the best games ever made seriously it feels like a petrol heads dream come true. Apart from the menu which was a bit messy the game had so much going for it so much cars from a little Suzuki to a full blooded Ferrari it had such a great range of cars. When they announced Forza Horizon I was over joyed. That’s too was an amazing game so original. Unfortunately things seemed to go down hill. Forza 5 I felt was a disappointment. I couldn’t believe this was meant to be the next Forza 4. I really tried to get into it but I just couldn’t half the cars weren’t there and the UI seemed frustrating. Horizon 2 was okay but didn’t have the sparkle of its predecessor. Luckily Turn 10 must of realized what was going on and decided to release Forza 6. Although not as good a Forza 4 simply due to not having the same sort of cars (and some of the tracks ect.) it was just so well designed. The UI is perfect. How you can properly inspect the car you are about to purchase amount other things re-lit my faith in the Forza franchise and Horizon 3 strengthened it even more. Unfortunately Forza 7 is a complete opposite to this. Yeah they’ve brought back some of the great cars and there is more cars to collect which is amazing but its got a terrible UI. It takes ages to load anything and it feels more like need for speed rather than a Forza game. However it does have some good things the dynamic weather is a welcome addition and the character customization is really cool. I don’t know why they didn’t take FM6 just added these features. It would of made FM7 so much better. Unfortunately it just feels like Need for Speed and not FM7.

Ive bought and played all the forzas including the horizons. I will not be buying forza 7. its more of the same with a cash grab on top of it. 7 forzas by now you think they would be innovating or have perfected the formula but instead it seems they have concentrated on finding new ways of make more money instead of making a solid racing sim. The saddest thing for me is forza has a huge strong community that constantly gives feedback that seems to completely fall on deaf ears. Wheres the dedicated drag racing? why aren’t there more drag parts or a light tree? why is there big rig racing and go carts? SEMA which is a huge car show where the new parts and mods for cars are shown off with new things every year yet i can throw any forza into my xbox and see the same boring list of parts to upgrade my car. You can spend hours messing with the toe and camber of the tires to shave fractions of a second off a lap time but still through 7 games theres no tab to mess with things under the hood like boost or timing or low temp thermostats. sorry for the rant but I’m truly disappointed in turn10 and microsoft.


Pure speculation here, but it makes me think of the rumor I’ve seen for a long while that Forza is working on a third franchise. Maybe it is sucking up too many resources.

Good news: Third franchise. Maybe a full-on sim.

/dream over

Hello friendly Turn10 devs,

For over a decade the community has gobbled up your hard work and loved every second on the track, while trying to use this forum and other public places of comment to let you know what you are doing right and wrong. It has been apparent for some time now that this is a waste of energy as the most vocal are constantly ignored and things nobody asked for are done to the community with little to no warning or chance for feedback.

I think the time where development can succeed in a vacuum has past now and these instant revolts for decisions like VIP are able to be forced into your view simply by getting a low rating on a storefront are going to be easier and easier for the masses to use to impact your decisions. In the opinion of this one dedicated fan you have only a couple options here if you dont want this thing to die in a ball of flames.

1.) keep doing what you’re doing until your core fanbase is only horizons racers and you can cut the FM series from your dev cycle entirely.

2.) start an open dialogue with your most dedicated players to help you reshape a series that has always been solid on track but is comically terrible in every other aspect and seems to only get worse.

I understand my opinion is meaningless, and that you probably wont even read this, but as a hard working professional who has been trying to fit time into my life for 12 years now to get some time on your masterfully created tracks with your incredible brand of driving mechanics i have to tell you that the next time around i’m going to actually read up on whether or not you have corrected course before blindly giving you my money anymore. I have been in closed and deleted threads on these forums more than i can even remember and there have been massive fan campaigns on so many issues in this game which should show you how dedicated your player base is, but your response has been either none or even worse taking to neogaf or other third parties to bad mouth your customers.

Not your buddy, guy.