My Rant From A Loyal Fan (Feel Free To Add To It)

Dear Turn 10, Ever since I picked up Forza 3, that’s right not Horizon three, Motorsport 3 I loved it, was very fun, being young at the time and enjoying cars I quite enjoyed the experience I received regardless of not being good… Forza 4 rolled around and with my own money I bought it and played that game to death. Well, I’m just going cut to the chase here both Motorsport and Horizon series always peaked my interests I like cars I like video games and I like freedom these kept me coming back for more and made a loyal and returning fan. I lost my old account and got a new one first game I got was a Forza game (Horizon 2). I just always have had interest in your work as game developers, artists, enuthusists, even musicians for the title screens and the artist you put into your Horizon games. But I am outright disappointed, seriously disappointed. I’m a long time racer have dropped so much money into your great games had the most enjoyment ever I remember getting Horizon 2 for the first time and playing it to death not because it was the only game I had at the time but because I enjoyed it from drifting to racing to dragging to painting to chilling a free roaming. I loved it. I’ve been here for years collecting Forza rewards I’ve alway came back at played your game heck I even still play Horizon 2 and Motorsport 4 to this day. but you turn around and cut Forza rewards you come here and rip me off of my VIP rewards because of reasons unknown you sit here and trade all that in you trade in us loyal fan for the casuals who play for a month and never come back. I love FM7 but you crossed a returning member of you fan base, actually a lot of returning members and us loyal fans are the ones who preorder you games sink money and playtime into your games and the ones that top the leaderboards the ones that have the most fun and you treat us like this.

I was getting near 350k in rewards now I’m down to 50 I don’t get an actual vip bonus in FM7 and you yet again discard the entire communities of drift and drag two large communities that I am also a part of. I didn’t mind Forza 7 until you cheated and lied behind the backs of your loyal fans, I am not hateful but I refuse to be disrespected like this and you have honestly lost a lot of my respect, and from I’ve seen many others too. I’ve put in easily 6000 hours accross all my accounts incuding my current one into your games I feel like that means nothing to you, I’m quite upset and have a disbelief in all of this. FM7 although not perfect I find to be a generally great game, actually awesome I love it but I feel void and I feel betrayed.

-Long Time Fan, Ashton


i completely agree. my first forza was forza 1 for the original xbox that my dad got me when i was young and ever since iv been hooked and a massive fan of the franchise, but over the last few years of motorsports i have felt they have not been listening to us what so ever, as a example when forza 4 came out we had custom public lobbys where you could mix with like minded people in the drag, drift, cruse and tag community and not to forget car football which was a barrel of laughs. But though forza 5,6 and now 7 the game is going backwards and seems like a shell of what the pinnacle of forza used to be, where we could mange our own lobbys like kicking rammers and setting up our own settings to enjoy. i made so many friends on forza 4 that i would play tag with or drift, cruse etc and on the latest forzas the community on the game seems dead because of you are not able to find a lobby you can enjoy because you have no control.

we ask constantly for the return of the custom public lobbys and in 5 we got nothing in 6 we got leagues and in 7 we got loot boxes and the return of fujimi kaido yet we are consistently ignored and not to forget plenty of other circuits that have just disappeared, i genuinely feel turn 10 are losing there way especially with the recent issues with VIP. but on to forza 7 the game itself apart from the bugs is quite good and enjoyable even if there are things i am not a fan of like homologations and the very limited rivals but my biggest problem is the VIP.

i have been a VIP in forza since forza 4 to forza 6 but the VIP you get with forza 7 in not VIP. lets start with the issues first of all with previous VIPs you got a VIP exclusive car pack that only VIPs had and they where normally very good selection of cars but with forza 7 VIP you get a selection of non-exclusive forza edition cars that anyone can get from forzathon so there is some of the value eroded, secondly the awful choice to make the standard VIP bonus that we have received on alot of previous forzas which is the 100% Cr boost to five mod cards that have 5 uses each which completely destroys the value of VIP even more and then there is the matter of how its been handled firstly the misleading description that was changed on the sly, and then told eurogamer “Our fans are the reason we make games and the most important thing to us is that we have open communication with them,” a Turn 10 Studios spokesperson told Eurogamer. “As soon as we heard from our community that there was confusion about the VIP description in the Windows Store, we immediately updated it.” yet this statement is completely laughable because the change to VIP it self is very shady, and “open communication” yet we never hear anything from turn 10 it feels like they do not care what we think which is clear after the past few games and lastly on that statement “Our fans are the reason we make games” yet this in not the case because there is plenty of suggestions that are made that are ignored like angle mods for drifters, ability to mod cars in more detail like changing the boost pressure on cars, more obscure engine swaps and plenty more.

personally i do not mind the loot boxes too much if the original VIP boost was still a thing but with the change to the VIP and the way the game works now i feel cheated and scammed that i bought ultimate and got a pitiful boost that is not worth it especially that you have to open a absurd amount of crates to get all the cars which i like to do in every forza. i would like them to change the VIP but i am not holding out any hope of that because of how they have been. and it has really soured my feeling towards turn 10 and i am genuinely thinking on whether i will ever buy another ultimate edition and maybe even a motorsport in till they start listening to there fans. but hopefully they see the light and do the right thing instead of ignoring us and hoping it goes away but the store pages really paint a picture on how people feel, doing this to the most hardcore forza fans possibly the worst idea ever

sorry for long read but i just needed vent and hopefully they listen (even though i do not think they will)

oh just one more thing to add why have they removed the open layout for test track airfield


I feel exactly the same way. I have so many fond memories of F2 thru F4. My friends and I played them endlessly! The storefronts, leaderboards, gifting cars, car classes, limitless car tuning, custom lobby freedom, online race points system… The list goes on and on. We couldn’t wait for the next gen consoles, and often dreamed about how incredible Forza would become with the new power devs would have at their disposal. The potential seemed limitless! Never in a million years did I think Turn 10 would sell out and strip Forza of everything I loved about the franchise. It’s overwhelming how many others feel betrayed too. I’ve never seen so much negative fan response! It’s almost like T10 on a franchise suicide mission of some sort! I still can’t believe this is happening! The fact that they never speak to, or even listen to the community at all is a complete disgrace. Thank God I got an immediate refund. I’m out. There’s no way they will ever fix this mess. It’s over unless someone else takes charge of this series. Hiring someone that remembers what brought them to the dance in the first place would be a step in the right direction.


i totally agree, just thinking what forza would be if they stuck to the core of forza 4 and everything that made it so good, i couldn’t imagine how great forza 7 would have been. i think its about time they opened up and started listening to us because it is getting ridiculous, they haven’t even apologised about VIP mess no matter fixing the problem and the worst part is i am not even angry just very disappointed. this is the forum thread that they need to see because this is how i imagine that the forza community is feeling right now. As someone that forza motorsport has been the game to wait for every 2 years, always getting the ultimate editions i feel like a cash cow. Something needs to bring them to there senses before the loose all there OG/Hardcore fans and as someone who has a deep love for the forza series watching them commit a franchise suicide mission as you would say is really hard to watch and not to mention the VIP debacle and not even getting a apology is making me get close to giving up on this series

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lol,you are like the mouse that knows hes going to get electrocuted but yet keeps going for the cheese. If you know what the previous history is why do you keep giving your money away? Its all on you. When will you learn turn ten isnt out to please hardcore fans that make up 1 percent of sales. They are appealing to the casual user. They are in it to make money not loyal hardcore friends. It is what it is and always will be. If they werent in it for the money they would just update the game yearly but they have you buy a new game every year or two.

lol,you are like the mouse that knows hes going to get electrocuted but yet keeps going for the cheese. If you know what the previous history is why do you keep giving your money away? Its all on you. When will you learn turn ten isnt out to please hardcore fans that make up 1 percent of sales. They are appealing to the casual user. They are in it to make money not loyal hardcore friends. It is what it is and always will be. If they werent in it for the money they would just update the game yearly but they have you buy a new game every year or two.

Okay Captain Obvious! We get that they’re in it to make money! We also get that they aren’t in it to make “loyal hardcore friends” and that we don’t mean anything to them. I apologize if some of us got busy with life and haven’t had time to lurk in these forums for many years, or even keep up with what’s been going on. We just assumed Forza 7 would be a significant improvement over past games. Was that a stupid thing to assume? Apparently it was! But, is it really the consumers’ fault they expected Forza games to get progressively better instead of getting worse? No! It’s only logical for someone to believe that’s what was going to happen.

I don’t think most of us malcontents are hardcore at all. Project Gotham Racing 3, GRID, and Dirt 2 were three of my favorite games ever. The physics were pure arcade, there was no tuning to speak of, but there were enough custom lobby options to make for some incredibly fun online racing! The earlier Forza titles took all that to a whole new level. Tuning and realistic physics were just the icing on the cake! The point is, even casual gamers would prefer a current gen version of Forza 4 compared to the superficial, soulless garbage they’re churning out now. Maybe if Turn 10 had followed that path, they wouldn’t be resorting to loot boxes and other such micro-transactions to make up for their eroding fan base.


I don’t know why I want to post a complaint, but I feel compelled to, so I will add to your thread.

Been playing since Forza Motorsport 2. I loved that game. I was already into cars but that game and discovering Britsh Top Gear around the same time made me into a certifiable car nut, and I still am to this day. Forza 2 came out when I was 17 and I had never seen anything like it with the auction house and custom paints. The custom lobbies, it was just a car game that gave you freedom to do just about anything.

Forza 3 improved on this and I preordered whatever the equivalent of the ultimate edition is. I can remember the weeks leading up to release, I would come home from work and check this site every afternoon to see if any new information was out. I was completely hooked on the hype train for forza 3. I remember going to pick the game up at Gamestop at midnight (this was before you could buy games online on your xbox). It was basically a car meet, a bunch of car guys waiting for the store to open looking at each others cars and talking about the game. Forza 3 was everything I wanted it to be and more.

Then Forza 4. The pinnacle, in my opinion. The sheer amount of content with all the cars and tracks. The storefront 'and auction house. The leaderboards and forzavista. It was a masterpiece.

Forza 5 was a big let down for me. I didn’t get an Xbox One until a year after it was out, but it came bundled with Forza 5. I enjoyed the racing but was very disappointed in the lack of content. It felt like it took 2 steps back from Forza 4 because many tracks and cars were gone and it just felt incomplete. I gave Forza 5 a pass because I figured it was rushed to be released for the xbox one launch. Turn 10 is first party so they had to meet that deadline for Microsoft.

Forza 6 while much better than 5, still didn’t do it for me like Forza 4. It looks great and has a good selection of cars, but content wise it is still lacking compared to Forza 4. Forza 4 is 4 years older and on an inferior console to Forza 6, but it still towers above it. At least Forza 6 looked like we were taking a step in the right direction.

Forza 7. So back to present day and Forza 7. I pre ordered the ultimate edition just like I had done in the past for forza 3,4, and 6. I had no idea VIP credit bonus was going to be limited use with mod cards. The fact that turn 10 and Microsoft changed the way it was written after people complained is just an awful business practice to me. I’m glad people that haven’t bought vip already know what they are getting now, but loyal fans that preordered kind of got the shaft with that. The fact that cars are locked behind the collection levels doesn’t really bother me. That level will come in time to dedicated fans. But why on earth would you hide cars behind forzathon, events, and prize crates? You can’t even tell these cars exist unless you notice them in freeplay. Forza used to be about the freedom to do anything but now its more restrictive than ever. And the homologation/leaderboards. Why? This has severely limited what cars you can use to actually race. No class based leaderboards for chasing ghosts is going to really upset dedicated players that like hotlapping. I hope Turn 10 can salvage this game with patches but I’m not holding my breath.

I’m going to give the game a little time to see if it improves, or see if I start enjoying it. But right now I have very little desire to play. I will keep up with the forums and see if turn 10 address the many complaints and try to offer some answers, but otherwise I think Forza 7 is already dead. I fully expect that I will be trying to get a refund in a few weeks. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think this can be fixed. I am really tempted to by an Xbox 360 so I can play Forza 4 again, that game was just great all around, and I hope turn 10 will take some inspiration from it in the future.


maybe so, but as stated above i am close to giving up on it and it will be the case if nothing is done about VIP, and when it comes to hardcore fans i understand that we make up a tiny amount of sales but i am sure its not just hardcore fans that are annoyed that they keep removing features like custom public lobbys, car clubs and numerous circuits

amen to that, as stated in my post too forza 4 was the best because of the sheer amount you could do with no limits. wanted to play tag virus in x class no problem or car footy with supercars that too, they just seem like they want to remove everything we loved about it like car clubs where are those. it boggles the mind and yeah neither am i turn 10 are too stubborn


there are too many cars on the track. 24 is too many imo to have fun. I’d rather have quality over quantity. Right now its almost always a bumper cars at the start. Rather have 12-16 smarter drivers than ones that always spin me out.


It isn’t the number of cars thats the problem, if the AI followed proper racingprotocol i’d be fine, but now the just crash into eachother at turn 1. It’s a mess.

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The AI is a joke now. I have had to turn off the simulation damage as they keep ramming me from behind and side swiping so badly that I need to pit. As the other cars [AI] take no damage , no tyre wear and no fuel use, I am the only one pitting after they smash me.

Game is free to play with only micro-transactions in mind. It’s not about improving it anymore. Just a scam

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Since Forza 4, which in my view was the best Forza yet, it seems that Turn 10 is deliberately turning the game into a sort of Forza Horizon with racetracks to be played by teenagers with controllers. There is a lot to be seen, done, collected or accomplished in the game, but the racing side is slowly becoming secondary to the whole experience. Perhaps there is some market sense in that, but I, who don’t care about clothing, mods, crates or tags, am losing connection with a game I used to enjoy since version 3.

I expected some steps forward in this new version, like qualifying session, really dynamic weather (as in the real world, where you don’t have to specify “rain” to have a rainy track), the possibility of choosing time of day for a race, driver control of lights and wipers, seat adjustment (some cars are undrivable from the driver position, which leads me to think more attention has been given to third-person view), pit control, etc. None of this has happened. No new ideas either, save for the ridiculous crate thingy.

On the other hand, some inexplicable design decisions have been made. It seems Turn 10 is intent on testing their users’ loyalty by removing things they like. First it was auctions with Forza 6. Now it is the Test Drive button in the tuning menu, which has been hidden in a secondary button in the race menu. If the feature is still there, why not leave a copy of this button where it was before? The possibility of challenging your friends’ time in every combination of track/class in the Rivals menu, a great idea in Forza 6 – and my favorite part of the game for quite some time - was also eliminated without explanation. Again, if the tracks and cars are still there, how hard would it be to just keep it as it was?

On top of that, there is the whole issue with VIP license. It is so ludicrous that I believe the developers will eventually back down. Basically, what you get now for paying extra to become a VIP user is the right to use a racing suit with “VIP” on it. Again, why change what was working?

All in all, I am not impressed. Cars/tracks haven’t changed much from Forza 6 if with all add-ons. Visuals are pretty, but a bit over-the-top and sometimes too dark, depending on the track/weather combination. Right now, Project Cars 2 or F1 2017 - or even Forza 6 - are more interesting options for people like me, who don’t care much about the bells & whistles and just want to race.


I’m quoting you because you’ve put it so well. These are my sentiments exactly.

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That is it right there, took the words out of my mouth. Fortunately for us, the year has been pretty generous to us race fans so there is plenty to choose from outside of FM7. Codemasters are back to their former glory and Project Cars 2 is proving to be quite nice from what I played so far. Good wheel feedback feels so nice.

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Truer words have never been said. I had a screen blackout and had to open and run both FM5 and FM6 in order to reboot FM7. But in doing so, I noticed the glaringly obvious lack of detail in FM7. Gone are all the reality efforts that had been put into the previous iterations.

The spectators, trackside events, even the smoking BBQs etc are all gone.

My question is, are all these great things that were very capable on the Xbox One and Xbox One s, been excluded, so they can only be included in the all new hardware, the Xbox One X . . ?

Perhaps this is being done somthat when ppl boot up their all new, all powerful 6 gigaflops Xs start showing off all the ‘reality’ effects we once had in earlier iterations . .

Does anyone have the new console yet and is using it alongside FM7? Doubhtful, as it’s release date is not until November, correct.

So just perhaps we are all in for a surprise when they give us back what we once took for granted.

I agree, FM7 has lost its edge, even GRiD looked better than FM7 right now.

While the weather is great, what happened to how a car responds when it hits water, or uneven surfaces. It’s been lost, yet another thing that’s been stripped out. Perhaps in the effort to make the new hardware more impressive.

I think it’s almost unanimous that FM’s greatness stops with FM4. Since then the Forza name has been diluted by the Horizon series, with FM slowly becoming Horizon. I didn’t play FM5 until recently as I couldn’t justify buying an XB1 purely for that game, as FM4 was all I ever played and was still AWESOME. Playing FM5 now is purely to boost my forza score. I thought that FM6 was good but the cracks were to starting to show.
Then FM7 comes along with great features gone & silly features appearing. I can’t have a decent online race or leaderboard hot-lap in the car of my choice, but I can race a monster truck in the rain (joy of joys). I have to go through a unnecessarily complicated process to test & tune, but can easily put on a frilly clown suit and prance around the podium like a total [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]. What is this, Horizon 4?
Do Turn10 even care or are they in total damage control mode. So far the look and feel of FM7 has been pretty good. The racing overall I think has been excellent, even though we are severely restricted in what we can race & what we can race against (hence the need for proper class-based multi-player & leaderboards). Also the lack of difficulty incentive means that I am spending credits for the chance of obtaining a mod card that may reward me for turning driver aids off. And the AI blows!!!
I have no doubt that FM7 will improve over time, morphing into something that proper drivers can enjoy, but in it’s current state, this is nothing but a bad dream. A $140 bad dream/nightmare.


I agree with most points in here…

Agree 100% - I have been playing Forza since Forza Motorsport 1 (although I too had an account issue and also some xbox issues so I did skip 5/6 although not by choice). I was so excited to be able to return to Forza with 7 coming to the PC at long last (not really interested in Horizons either as reviews painted it as more arcade than racing sim, although I did pick up 3 on a lark, but haven’t spent much time with it). I always told everyone that Forza spoiled me, and I can’t enjoy other racing games - Project Cars, Asseto Corsa, etc - as none had both the brilliant career progression of Forza Motorsport 1-4, the car selection of FM 1-4, the customization of FM 1-4, etc. Some had aspects of FM, but none were the whole package. Thus it is with an extremely heavy heart that I found Forza 7 to be very limiting. As someone who doesn’t have hours to play, I find that I am struggling for money to buy cars for new races, not able to enjoy tuning at all due to the homologiation or whatever, all my car rewards for driver rank are useless for competing in future events (whereas in previous games it felt like you earned the cars to progress, and spent money tuning them and/or collecting cars you WANT not ones you NEED).

I will probably not be spending as much time as I had wished I could enjoying the world of FM 7, and unless things drastically turn around, I believe this will be the last Forza game I purchase. The earlier games truly felt like a passionate product by passionate devs. FM 7 feels like a complete “corporate” product, top to bottom. I agree that it seems Forza 4 felt like the pinnacle of the series, that crescendo, that climax, that moment where stars aligned. How I wish I could play THAT on the PC.

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