My Preferred Horizon 2 Purchase Configuration (US)

Thought I’d post my intended method:

Preordered Horizon 2 Day One from the Microsoft Store (Physical Media) - $60

This comes with:

  • Audi RS4 Avant Preorder Bonus Car
  • $10 Xbox Gift Card

On release day, apply $10 gift card to MS account, and purchase:

  • VIP Membership - $10
  • Car Pass - $25

You’ve now spent $95 total, minus the $10 gift card, for a Net Cost of $85, $5 under the Ultimate Edition cost, plus you have an actual DISC, something those of us over 30 years old value a lot more than “the cloud” or whatever the kids call it these days.*

  • Disclaimer, I know all about the cloud, I work in IT, I just like having a disc.
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The VIP membership is $10 as a discount for people that had it in FM5, me not being one of them. So the ultimate edition works for me. I like having actual disks too, but I like the cloud option better for the one.

But hey if it works for ya then sweet! You’re making a smart move!

I thought that the Ultimate was $10 cheaper if you were a FM5 LE owner too, so it saves you $10 no matter what.

What is the Ultimate price for a non-LE owner? Is it still $90?

I pre-loaded the ultimate edition for $90, and yes it’s $90 for everybody I’m fairly certain but it still saved me $5 and I like everything digital :slight_smile:

Glad they’ve giving us so many different options now.

I really like the cloud option - no disc to get scratched, I’ve already loaded the 35 GB game on my One’s external 3TB drive so when launch day arrives I can start playing when I want to, not when UPS delivers my game disc from Amazon. That’s how I bought Destiny and Wolfenstein and it’s soooo nice to not have to go find the disc when changing games. I don’t resell my games (if anything I tend to give them away to my friends’ kids when I’m done with them) so I don’t need a physical media copy.

I wish I’d known about that VIP discount - I’ve had it in FM4 and 5 and purchased the ultimate edition today after playing the demo and it sounds like I may have over payed by $10 :slight_smile:

I like having a physical disc, and the One isn’t using the disc for anything other than checking anyway. When I get home from work, I still have to deal with the kids, mow the lawn, help with dinner, etc. Grown up stuff.

I don’t resell or get rid of any games ever; I have so many games that I’ve never even played, just because they were on sale or something. One of the upsides of grown up stuff, I tend to be able to afford pretty much whatever I want.

As I said, I work in IT, I know how the cloud stuff works. In fact, I am a Network Architect for a cloud and solutions company. But the reality of it for me is this: I’m utilizing the cloud based stuff exactly the same as the digital purchase people, with the exception that I have to put a disc in my drive for it to verify I own it, vs. connecting to XBL to verify I own it. It is a bit more leg work for me to have to swap games, but it also affords me having something physical to show for my purchase.

This is what a 31 year old nerd’s DVD/Game/etc collection looks like:

And all my 360 games (well, not counting a few digital downloads, like all the Games with Gold games, which reminds me, gotta download Reach)…

And my budding XB1 collection:

I also have digital only version of Tomb Raider and Ryse.


Actually, now that I think about it, there are a bunch of 360 games upstairs on my other 360 as well.

The only physical games I have are all the Halos and Dynasty Warriors haha the rest are all digital on my XB1 and i have a few on the 360. As stated I just like having that ability to switch back and fourth with my voice with ease and plus having a clean setup is nice to.

I really hate the push towards digital purchases, I wish they had a hard copy version though, seriously, hard copy LCE is where it’s at.

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I’d wager a guess that you’re somewhere in the neighborhood of 25+?

My kids will probably never own music on any physical media.

I’m 33. Be it music, games, or movies, I’ll always prefer physical copies as opposed to digital.

And to the other guy, I’ve seen digital media at the same price of the physical version. So, to say physical is outrageous, just isn’t always true. Besides, some places, Target, Best Buy, have special first day or first week price specials where it’s around $15 or less for newly released movies/music. Anyway, to each their own, but no one should ever be pushed to go digital just for a special edition of something, it is a sad day that there is no physical version of these bundles.

Yep, 31 years old here, same feelings.

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That’s more because music on physical media is and always has been outrageously priced compared to MP3s.

Not really, I buy 95% of mine from Amazon and in most cases I get the CD for less than the mp3 … even better the CD comes with the mp3 version anyway thanks to Autorip. So I get to listen instantly while the CD is in the mail. Best of both worlds.

For me music has to be physical. Movies and games I’m happy with digital as long as it’s at the right price, and here’s why…

Music is a long term investment, I have vinyl as old as I am and CDs from the year they were first released and I can go and play any of them and thumb through the little booklet. I’m not putting my money into a digital library that may not exist in 20, 30 or 40 years time.

Games and Movies on the other hand…

There are so many games coming out there isn’t time to go back and play the old stuff and, to be entirely honest, when I have done so the game I end up playing is NEVER as good as the game I remember playing. My game archive is in my head and that’s where they are the best :slight_smile: As for right now, the convenience of digital is just so much nicer.

Movies are the same. I had a lovely collection on VHS… that was suddenly of unwatchable quality on my big widescreen telly so I upgraded many of them to DVD which was great until I got that big HD telly and they looked rubbish next to the Bluray versions. So screw it, physical movie media is dead to me. I’ll pay my Netflix/Amazon fee and just stream what I want in whatever the current best quality is and never have to worry about getting 30p in trade in for my old discs.

But that’s just my opinion, to each their own, buy it however you like as long as you enjoy it it doesn’t really matter!

I bought my 25 year old brother a used Original Xbox and RallySport Challenge 2 for Christmas last year, and we had a ball driving around for like a week. He had sold his because he “never played it” but those games are still fun and deserve time.

Dewstain when it comes to getting the digital copy on the XB1, are you saying that you need wifi and the cloud to realize that you own the game so you can play it?

For me it’s the Day one hard copy like you and just the VIP.
If the car packs are anything like they were for 5, I’m gonna be pissed dropping $25 when all I end up using is like 2-5 cars.
I only bought the 2 Z’s on 5.

Nobody knows about the cloud. It’s witchcraft.

For me…reatil games for life!

I hate to be the one that bursts the bubble because that would be awesome to buy it that way, but that discounted rate on the VIP membership is only good if you purchase a digital copy of the game, not a physical disc. Sorry. :frowning: